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Horizon All Terrain: the short barrel rifle signed by Franchi

New entry among the Franchi bolt actions, the Horizon All Terrain is a short barrel […]

How to practice pheasant hunting

Pheasant hunting is a hunting type rooted in the tradition of many countries, able to […]

A story of roe deer hunting in Hungary: the charm of Pustza

Roe deer hunting in Hungary has a particular charm, which pushes me and many hunters […]

How to shoot at the shooting range?

Attending the shooting range is a great way to keep fit during the summer break […]

Flows of rosemary: Iberian ibex hunting

Iberian ibex hunting is one of the many hunting activities of hunters who are lucky […]

The Esprit double barrel shotgun: a matter of cleverness

In the history of the Italian shotgun the side by side certainly holds a place […]

New music: roaring deer hunting in Scotland

Deer hunting is certainly the most widespread hunt, from the woods of the East to […]

5 tips on how to zero the rifle

The summer season of deer hunting is coming and in some regions it has already […]

Wild boar driven hunt, stalking or hunting from high seat?

Wild boar can be hunted in many ways: in addition to regular hunting we find […]

Handbook for mountain hunter

A mountain hunter must have the best physical preparation and pay attention to details, to […]

10 hog hunting tips

Hog hunting numbers amongst the most popular hunting practices in many countries, due to the […]

Rifle cleaning: 6 tips on how clean a rifle

Rifle cleaning is an aspect of hunting that should not be undervalued. Here are some […]

Varmint precision rifle: an even wider Horizon

2021 marks the entry of Franchi into a new segment of bolt action, the varmint […]

Roe deer hunting in Europe: a hunt to preserve

In the summer, the best roe deer season for hunting, you will live rituals, contemplation […]

Franchi hunting firearm to the third power: Affinity becomes Affinity 3

The Affinity semi automatic hunting firearm gets a makeover and becomes Affinity 3. New configuration, […]

Tips for ethical roe deer hunting

After hog hunting, roe deer hunting is fast becoming the most widely practised ungulate hunting […]

How to train for clay pigeon shooting in Sporting

Sporting is an increasingly popular shooting discipline among hunters and is divided into two specialities, […]

Among our new hunting firearms: Horizon Wood

Among our latest hunting firearms, Horizon Wood is a hunting rifle with a walnut stock […]

7 tips on roe deer stalking

Some tips to best practise one of the most thrilling hunt activities: roe deer stalking. […]

Hunting shotguns and rifles: the 2021 news

Ready for the next season, with new hunting shotguns and rifles New hunting shotguns and […]

Which is the best caliber for wild boar hunting?

The choice of the best caliber for wild boar hunting is one of the main […]

How to train flyers in wood pigeon shooting?

When it comes to wood pigeon shooting, decoys and pigeons are the real stars of […]

How to track wild boars: tips and tricks

In hunting, knowing how to track uk wild boars is one of the crucial phases, […]

5 tips for a perfect still hunting

Still hunting is one of the most popular techniques, because it adapts to different types […]

Tips for fallow deer hunting

The fallow deer hunt is a mixture of charm and emotion. Here are some tips […]

Shotgun cleaning: 4 tips on how to clean a shotgun

How to clean a shotgun is an aspect of hunting that should not be undervalued […]

Wood pigeon hunting: what are the best hunting methods and cartridges?

Wood pigeon hunting mainly happens in three ways, each of which requires the careful choosing […]

Hog hunting techniques

Hog hunting is practiced in five main techniques, which can be further spilt into two […]

How to do thrush hunting: 5 techniques

Thrush hunting is practiced using 5 different hunting methods, while the shotguns and cartridges used […]

Hunting shooting positions: how to shoot a shotgun or a rifle

How to shoot a shotgun: 4 hunting shooting positions every hunter should master for shouldering […]

5 things that (maybe) you didn’t know about the faces of the franchi hunting rifles

They are the face of the brand, always accompanied on their adventures by Franchi shotguns […]

10 tips for training a hunting dog for woodcock hunting

How do you train hunting dogs to woodcock hunting? Woodcock hunting is among one of […]

Camo Shotguns: Bolt action rifle and semi automatic shotgun, what’s the perfect camouflage?

Camouflage is an art, and for some types of hunt, an essential element. Which camo […]

Young hunters today: shotgun or bolt action rifle?

Lovers of nature and outdoor activities, respectful of the environment and biodiversity… Who are the […]

Bolt action rifle for chamois hunting

When hunting chamois, effort and emotion are inseparable companions, because only the hunter ready to […]

Waterfowl hunting with the camo semi automatic shotguns affinity 3.5 elite cobalt and bronze

Waterfowl hunting is one of the most complex and fascinating hunting techniques that exist, a […]

Which is the best hunting caliber for my Bolt Action rifle?

Choosing the best hunting caliber for your bolt action rifle is a very personal decision, […]

Affinity 3 Elite Wood: the newest 2020 smooth barrel shotgun

Franchi amplifies its range of smooth barrel shotguns with the new Affinity 3 Elite Wood, […]

Rock ptarmigan hunting, the queen of the snow

“Rock ptarmigan hunting is my favorite. To experience the emotions that it can give you, […]

Wild boar hunting with Feeling Slug

Wild boar hunting is one of the most exciting hunting activities, where the hunter has […]

Affinity companion German pointer: the hunting semi automatic shotgun dedicated to the German hunting dog

The most recent protagonist of the multi-year series of hunting semi automatic shotguns in 12 […]

10 things to do at home… while waiting for the next hunting season

#stayathome is the current hashtag. What can a hunter do at home for making the […]

Companions of the best hunting experiences: hunting dogs

For a hunter, especially if he’s a dog lover, his helper is a loyal companion […]

Roe deer hunting with the bolt action Horizon

Roe deer hunting is a unique emotion that requires dedication, great passion, and a precise […]

Horizon Elite Strata: the invisible Bolt Action rifle for hunting hoofed game

The bolt action rifle Horizon has a new look and in the camo version Elite […]

Hunting beyond shooting: Franchi’s plus

The Franchi’s plus were conceived to make hunting an unforgettable experience. Much more than hunting […]

Andrea Cavaglià: “the emotion of my first black grouse”


Giulia Taboga hunting… clay pigeons with Feeling Sporting, the over and under shotgun for “clay pigeon shooting”

“Clay pigeon shooting is another one of my passions, an excellent exercise that allows me […]

Horizon: bolt action rifle for selective hunting

In selective hunting the hunters must have an innate calmness, a profound awareness of the […]

Giulia Taboga, the last woodcocks hunting of the year

Woodcocks hunting is a passion that grips your soul and once it enters inside you, […]

Giulia Taboga: “my passion for wild boar hunting”

My passion for wild boar hunting has always been with me… a hunting activity capable […]

Affinity Pro, lightness and freedom in a single semi-automatic for walk up hunt

Lightness, stability, precision. The 12 gauge semi auto shotgun Affinity Pro, the ideal for walk […]

Affinity 3 Elite cobalt, the semi-automatic shotgun that makes you invisible

Affinity 3 Elite Cobalt is the semi-automatic shotgun with the perfect camouflage for waterfowl hunting. […]

Affinity 3 Elite Bronze: beyond camouflage in waterfowl hunting

Affinity 3 Elite, in its attractive Bronze Cerakote, is the semi automatic waterfowl shotgun which […]

Seize the day with feeling woodcock and Feeling Woodcock Select

Carpe diem wrote Orazio, grab the day. Savour every moment, not thinking about tomorrow, exactly the […]

Horizon: the rifle at the service of the hunter

One of the most frequent questions Franchi has received since the launch of bolt action […]

Andrea Cavaglià and his passion: hunting and videos

“Hunting is a whole range of emotions I cannot give up on. A tiny world […]

Giulia Taboga and her love for hunt… when everything started

“My approach to hunting world was very unusual! The only family hunter was my great-grandfather, which I […]

The bond between hunter and gun dog in affinity companion labrador

The semi-automatic Affinity Companion Labrador is designed to celebrate the bond between gun dog and […]

Some more centimeter could make a difference between over and under shotguns: Feeling Woodcock vs Woodcock Select

Over and under Feeling Woodcock and Woodcock Select in 12 and 20 gauges, even with […]

Lightweight semi automatic shotgun Affinity Pro

Lighter, more attractive, more Franchi. Affinity Pro is the new semi automatic shotgun. The centrality […]

Semi-automatic shotguns: Affinity cubed for waterfowl hunting

Top performance, quality and features for semi-automatic shotgun Affinity 3 Elite. The semi-automatic shotgun Affinity 3 Elite […]

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