Affinity 3: Franchi’s semi automatic shotguns

The immediate affinity with your hunting tool is the philosophy behind the Affinity 3 semi auto shotguns.

The Affinity 3 semi automatic shotguns are not simple shotguns for hunting, but ones to live unforgettable experiences.

Feel the shotgun as part of you, like a natural extension of your arm, it is essential to live your hunting passion to the fullest. This is what Franchi is, which sets the values of ergonomics, easy handling and extreme functionality at the root of every project.

In fact, each semi automatic Affinity 3 is built taking into consideration the indications of the development platform Evolved Ergonom-X, which from the study of the hunting habits of a sample of more than a thousand hunters has developed the rifle that the brand believes to be the one with perfect shapes.

The range of magnum Affinity 3 comes in numerous configurations, all characterized by the unmistakable Franchi style: from the synthetic versions total black and camo, dedicated mainly to the waterfowl hunting and also available in models with 89-chamber (3.5”) Affinity 3.5, to the wooden versions for the bird hunting.

Semi auto shotgun simple, modern and “no frills”, Affinity 3 has two parallel lines, connecting the barrel and the stock and defining their distinctive aesthetics. The F on the guard, engraved in wood and orange stocks in technopolymer, is a further element that characterizes it as a Franchi semiautomatic.

The Affinity 3 semi automatic shotgun is the perfect tool for both the novice and freshly licensed youngster, and for the experienced hunter who loves to live his passion all around.

The bolt of this semi automatic shotgun for hunting has a rotating head with two fins, while a sturdy main spring is interposed between the head tang and the rear wall of the bolt holder cavity.

This, which acts as an inertial mass, is connected to a sleeve invested on the magazine tube and elastically loaded by a spring which is also coaxial to the magazine tube. The thickness of the bolt guide rods of semi auto Affinity 3 is reduced thanks to a single U-shaped steel element welded to the front of the ring that slides on the magazine tube. The result is an ergonomic fore-end, sleek and quick to grip.

The mechanical operation of the Affinity 3 semi auto shotguns range is therefore the consolidated system Front Inertia, which by placing the recoil spring forward, on the fore-end around the magazine tube, minimizes muzzle climb at the moment of the shot and the consequent recoil sensation.

Furthermore, the TSA Recoil Pad, available in three different heights to customize the LOP (365 mm as standard, 357, 375), is made up of polyurethane foams that expand at the moment of the shot, further reducing the perception of the blow on the shoulder.

Affinity 3 semi auto shotgun allows a wide customization, thanks to the possibility of varying the drop and cast.

Like every Franchi shotgun and bolt action rifle, there’s a 7-year warranty on mechanical parts, the best in its category.

Franchi Affinity 3 will take your gun affinity to the next level.