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The Affinity 3 Elite Wood semi-automatic is the hunting shotgun for the eclectic hunter, who seeks a contemporary style and takes delight in exploiting materials.

Affinity 3 Elite Wood


Refined shotgun boasting classy traits, the Affinity 3 Elite Wood semi-automatic smoothbore is conceived for the modern hunter, who is not satisfied with a technopolymer butt-end, conversely preferring a living material like wood, combined with the resistance of Cerakote.

Shoulder stock and forearm are realised in Grade 2 lumber undergoing oil finish. This hunting smoothbore shotgun is available for 12 and 20 gauge. Barrel and gunstock are coated with Cerakote finish, as refards this model in the glamorous Metal Gray shade, increasing the duration and resistance to corrosive phenomena and offering excellent levels of adhesion. For a semi-automatic suitable for all those who cherish hunting with a resistant shotgun, but without giving up the wooden butt-end. The dual color optic fiber sight ensures a safe and quick aiming even in conditions of poor visibility.

Like any other Affinity 3 models carrier control button, handle and loading port are three times larger and, analogously to any other Franchi semi-automatic shotguns, it is equipped with a Front-Inertia mechanical operating system.

Wieldy and full of character, it is a modern and up-to-date semi-automatic shotgun.

Technical Features

  • Gauge


  • Chamber


  • Steelshot Barrel (cm)

    71 (12 ga.); 66 (20 ga.)

  • Chokes (mm)


  • Bore

    18,3/18,5 (12 ga.); 15,8/16 (20 ga.)

  • Rib

    Step checkered

  • Drop

    45/50/55/60/65 (± 2 mm)

  • Stock/Forend

    European wood Grade 2, oil finished

  • Recoil Pad

    22 mm standard TSA-ADV

  • Receiver

    Gray Cerakote Aluminum alloy

  • Weight (kg)

    2,980 (12 ga.); 2,700 (20 ga.)

  • Trigger

    2,500 (± 10%)

  • Stock


  • Sight

    Dual color fiber-optic

  • Checkering

    Allround Interlacement

  • Lop (mm)

    365 with medium standard recoil pad; 357 with small recoil pad; 375 with high recoil pad

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