Horizon All Terrain: the short barrel rifle signed by Franchi

New entry among the Franchi bolt actions, the Horizon All Terrain is a short barrel rifle suitable for the most diverse uses in different hunting environments and good shooting range tests.

How to describe this short barrel rifle? Browsing through the dictionary and reaching the letter V, we find the word versatile, where it reads: “Able to successfully engage in different activities, in different fields of interest, adapting to various and unpredictable situations”.

So, succeed in unpredictability. Nothing could better describe the Horizon All Terrain by Franchi, a brand new bolt action rifle that makes versatility of use its workhorse.

“The wild card” if you will! In fact, the Horizon All Terrain was born for this: to give the best on every hunting ground.

Presented in two different models, Horizon All Terrain Black Synt and Horizon All Terrain Elite Strata, it further expands the range of Franchi bolt action rifles, which until now included the most traditional hunting sporters and Varmint rifles.

In this case we are faced with a particular short barrel rifle that is different from the one we are used to.

At first glance, in fact, you can immediately notice the great originality of this firearm, which is inspired by the American Scout Rifles, firearms that are comfortable in multiple situations of the hunting environment.

Its main characteristics are compactness – it has a 46 cm / 18” free-floating short barrel and a total length of the firearm of 1012 mm – and portability, which allows great ease of movement in hunting situations that require speed of movement, also thanks to the quick-detach connections positioned on the stock.

Everything has been carefully designed to make this short barrel rifle dynamic and equipped with high precision. In fact, like all Franchi bolt action riflesHorizon All Terrain is also delivered with a certificate of accuracy of 1 M.O.A. on three shots fired.

From the desert of sand to the desert of ice, passing through the temperate climate to the great rains, Horizon All Terrain gives its best in every environmental condition.

If we were to find a phrase to further describe this firearm, we could say, “Not just hunting.”


Coming to one of the fundamental and most beloved themes to hunters and shooters, namely the calibers for bolt action rifles, the Horizon All Terrain is counted as 308 bolt action (11” twist rate) and 223 bolt action rifle (9” twist rate), in both models in which it was presented.

The .308 Winchester caliber is very versatile, suitable for practically any type of hunting, from wild boar to roe deer hunting, while the .223 Remington caliber is a little more specialized.

Small ammunition born in the United States in the late 1950s, the .223 Remington has great speed, precision and low recoil and is considered a medium range varmint cartridge, particularly suitable for hunting smaller game and, like all calibers, for use at the shooting range.

Hunting is a great passion. For this reason, even in the field of firearms, like everything that has to do with what moves the human soul, the eye always count.

Everyone has experienced that particular excitement that you feel when entering the armory, ready to choose the ally that will give you beautiful experiences. A tingling in the pit of the stomach.

When you are there, with your shotguns or rifles lined up in front of you and stored silently on the rack, your eyes go through the different models and, at some point, you see it and you already know that it will be the right one for you, because each firearm reflects the personality of the person who uses it.

For this reason, on an aesthetic level Horizon All Terrain offers the possibility to choose between two very different styles.

Horizon All Terrain Black Synt has a minimal and aggressive look, with clean and decisive lines. Black techno-polymer and burnished barrel and action make it an essential firearm, but of character.

Camo style combined with warm earth tones are the hallmarks of Horizon All Terrain Elite Strata. Modern and functional, it has the stock in True Timber Strata camouflage, which breaks down the figure of the bolt action and merges it with the wooded environment, making it practically invisible.

Barrel, action, Picatinny rail and muzzle brake are treated with Cerakote finish, which protects the metal parts from wear and corrosion and features the characteristic Midnight Bronze color.

Another noteworthy feature is the predisposition for M-LOK connections on the forend: two on each side and one on the base, which make the Horizon All Terrain accessorisable for every specific need.


On both sets we find the Flip Up sights that can be folded and are made from an exclusive Franchi project: a two-position rear sight at the root of the long floating Picatinny rail (the rail does not touch the barrel) and a two-position sights.

This configuration has a dual purpose in relation to the intended use: on the one hand it allows the rapid acquisition of shots at a short distance, reducing the time of aiming; on the other hand, it also allows the meditated shot (ghost sight) at a greater distance and can also be used on moving targets.

Designed based on the Evolved Ergonom-X ergonomic development platform, the Horizon All Terrain is a short barrel rifle designed to facilitate movement and field use, one of which involves gripping.

The stock pistol is equipped with an interchangeable checkered grip to make the grip firmer and suitable for different situations of use. The larger, vertically inclined Varmint grip is also available.

The stock is equipped with interchangeable TSA recoil pad and interchangeable comb, standard medium.

The trigger pull is adjustable from 0.8 to 1.9 kg and the rifle has a 7-year warranty on mechanical parts.

Compact, versatile, original. Horizon All Terrain has whatever it takes to become the wild card of every hunter.

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