Esprit: free-spirited hunting side by side shotgun

There are many names associated with the Franchi side by side shotgun in history. Today is Esprit, the gun for the modern hunter.

In the hunting imagination, our shotguns recall the history and tradition of our brand and even just mentioning a few, such as Albatros, Astore and the unforgettable Imperiale Montecarlo, come to mind hunting tales full of charm and suggestion.

The side by side shotgun today is Esprit, whose name is the French translation of “spirit”, but also “ingenuity”.

In fact, it is ingeniously made with 5-axis numerical control machines and, while maintaining a traditional appearance, it is an absolutely modern side by side.

Agile in the swing and lateral movements, thanks to the low weight, and fast in pointing and in jab throws, is the perfect companion for every type of hunting.

These features, as well as the possibility of having them with a short barrel, make the Esprit side by side also ideal for challenging shots typical of the woodcock hunting.

Until recently considered a bit elitist, the hunting side by side shotguns are a classic that never goes out of fashion and in recent years we have seen the rediscovery of shotgun for hunting with two parallel barrels or juxtaposed, thanks to its intrinsic qualities and the creation of new and small calibers.

Considered the hunting shotguns par excellence, the side by side is the most elegant among smooth barrels shotguns from a purely aesthetic point of view.

The receiver, in elegant tortoiseshelled steel, is sized to the gauge and further embellished by the round body line, which gives the shotgun class and simplicity.

With Esprit the tradition of side by side shotguns evolves and turns into streamlined lines with perfect ergonomics, capable of offering every hunter an absolute pleasure. In fact, like every Franchi rifle and shotgun, it was made according to the indications of the development platform Evolved Ergonom-X.

Lightweight and easy to handle, Esprit has Grade 3 oil-finished woods, a checkered English stock and orange rubber recoil pad, to give it a young and peculiar touch.

The single trigger mechanical selective is gilded and the trigger system, located on the back of the receiver, features internal hammers on coil springs with a double mounting system.

All the Esprit side-by-side shotguns have standard automatic ejectors and a 7-year guarantee on the mechanical parts. Upon request, it is also available a version in double trigger and left-handed stock, with pistol grip and beavertail fore-end.

Versatile and in four calibers, the Esprit side by side expresses the freedom of hunting in its pure state.