Feeling over and under shotgun: a question of harmony

Achieving the perfect “feeling” with your over and under shotgun is Franchi’s goal.

The Feeling over and under shotgun is ideal for those who want to experience hunting to the fullest, without worries, thanks to a tool that responds with immediate naturalness to their hunting needs.

The philosophy behind every Franchi project prefers one essential style and no frills, lines clear in their simplicity, with the utmost attention paid to satisfying the needs of the hunter.

The over and under shotguns Feeling range  has a strong link to the Affinity design: two lines join the stock pistol at the beginning of the fore-end, running along the entire receiver, while an F on the grip cap makes it an unmistakable Franchi shotgun.

Handy and natural to swing, Feeling is an over and under shotgun extremely ergonomic and made according to the rules of the development platform Evolved Ergonom-X.

In fact, thanks to the study of the hunting habits of a sample of more than a thousand hunters, he returned indications for making the rifle with perfect shapes.

It is enough for the hunter to hold the shotgun once to feel how the shapes of the stock and fore-end merge with the person, becoming the natural extension of one’s arm.

It is ideal for various types of hunting, from thrush hunting and lark, to the beat English style with partridges, partake and pheasants, or for the challenge to the woodcock, the “queen of the forest”.

The Feeling over-and-under shotgun is available in numerous configurations, from the most essential steel versions to those with engraved nickel-plated aluminum alloy receiver, up to over and under dedicated to specific game, such as over and under for woodcock hunting and boar hunting.

The range Feeling also includes an over and under shotgun dedicated to fans of Sporting and to all those who love to train at the shooting range, to better prepare for the hunting season.

All of our over and under shotguns are equipped with automatic ejectors and, in some models, also with manual extractors, to avoid losing the shells during the hunting day, in those types of hunting that are practiced in environments with thick vegetation.

It is also available on request also in double trigger version, with left-handed stock.

Also, thanks to the special Allround 3D Interlacement checkering of our original design, allows a perfect grip and optimizes the grip and handling of the firearm.

Like any other product, a 7-year warranty covers all mechanical parts, the best in its category.

Franchi Feeling: the over and under shotguns range to experience the perfect hunting day.