The Franchi’s Plus

All shotguns manufactured by Franchi have 7-year warranty on mechanical parts.


The Front Inertia is the operating system of all Franchisemiauto. The inertia spring is on the magazine tube inside the forend. The Front Inertia Driven grants a better balance, less muzzle and reduces recoil.


Franchi semiauto, excluding Affinity Compact, and Bolt Action, are equipped with TSA_ADV (Twin Shock Absorber Advanced) recoil pad; the TSA_ADV, available in various heights, contains polyurethane foams that expand when shooting, absorbing up to 50 % of the recoil.
The TSA_ADV recoil pads are designed to work with high and low temperatures.


Ergonomics is at heart of all Franchi project. Franchi XS (Exclusive Style) is an ergonomic developed platform which, by analyzing more than 1.000 hunters’ habits, returned as result the shotgun with perfect shape, a natural extension of the shooter.
Checkering on stock and forend of all Franchi shotguns are the result of Franchi XS platform. All-round Interlacement is a checkering pattern which always allows for a quick and safe shouldering.