Ergonomics lies at the heart of every Franchi project. The latest evolution of the studies on the shooting habits of more than a thousand hunters, Evolved Ergonom-X returns the shotgun with perfect shapes, ensuring ideal comfort in every shooting position. As a result of this development, the exclusive Allround Interlacement checkering ensures a quick and safe shouldering. The firearm becomes the natural extension of the hunter’s arm.

The super-smooth, efficient and safe operation gives the hunter absolute certainty when it matters most.

All bolt action rifles undergo accuracy testing and are guaranteed 1 M.O.A. out of 3 shots, with high quality ammunition.

The bolt action rifles feature a sharp and clean adjustable trigger, ensuring perfect control for a precise and safe shot.

Semi-automatic shotguns, excluding the Compact version, and bolt action rifles feature TSA (Twin Shock Absorber) recoil pad, which reduces recoil by 50%, giving the hunter a feeling of total comfort when shooting. Available in different lengths, it has been designed to withstand even the most extreme temperatures.

Operating system of all Franchi semiautomatic shotguns, the Front Inertia is an established guarantee. With the recoil spring housed in the forend around the magazine tube, it is easy to clean, ensuring better balance, less muzzle climb and facilitates the reduction of recoil, for a fuller enjoyment of your hunting passion.

Each semiautomatic is equipped with an adjustable stock in the drop and cast, to ensure the best hunting experience.

All Franchi shotguns and bolt action rifles come with a 7-year warranty on the mechanical parts. The best in its category.