Bolt action rifles Horizon: the hunter’s horizon

Horizon is Franchi’s bolt action rifle dedicated to big game and ungulates hunting.

Horizon is our bolt action hunting rifle, dedicated to the growing audience of big game and ungulates hunting.

First bolt action in more than 150 years of history, today Horizon is an articulated family, conceived to satisfy every hunting and shooting need. Provided with manual repeating rifles at bolt action varmint, the Horizon range is available in numerous configurations and models, both in the precious wood version and with synthetic stock.

Modern and versatile, it is suitable for those approaching for the first time the ungulates hunting, to the expert hunter and to those who measure themselves in shooting at long-range targets.

Made to hunt ungulate game in both hiding and stalking, Horizon is a rifle of simple construction and sturdiness to all test, a bolt action essential, precise and widely customizable.

The stock of the bolt action Horizon is fixed by two screws by means of controlled tightening torque, while an effective bedding is obtained on the carriage and the aluminum recoil interacts with a double seat obtained in the action.

Captivating in lines, the Horizon are made according to the Evolved Ergonom-X development platform, which by studying the firing habits of more than a thousand hunters, returns bolt action with marked ergonomics.

In fact, the Smooth Sense stock of these hunting rifles has 4 contact zones with the hunter’s body, designed taking into consideration the perfect grip for the 5 main shooting positions: the Allround Interlacement checkering, original Franchi design, is made near the recoil pad, on the stock pistol on the front of the stock.

The TSA recoil pad, interchangeable and available in three different sizes to customize the length of the LOP (347, 355 and 365 mm), is made with a set of polyurethane foams that expand upon firing and reduce recoil by up to 50%.

Action and Relia Bolt fluted three-finsbolt of Horizon bolt actions are designed with the most modern techniques.

The shape of the lightened conical handle, which can be dismantled and replaced needing no other tools, in combination with the 60° opening, ensures an easy and fast repetition of the shot.

Horizon bolt actions feature two-position safety, with free bolt, and direct Relia Trigger adjustable via screw from 0.8 to 1.9 kg, with trigger easily accessible even when wearing gloves.

Furthermore, all Horizon bolt actions are available with removable 3 or 4 round magazine depending on calibers, except in the Horizon Varmint configuration, with 3-round magazine in the shorter variant and 8 in the longer one.

Patterns with 1 M.O.A. accuracy on three shots fired and 7-year warranty on mechanical parts, Horizon bolt actions are Franchi’s answer to the hunter of today.