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Horizon Varmint Black Synt is the bolt action rifle for varminting hunt and shooting enthusiasts.

Horizon Varmint Black Synt

Bolt Action

Horizon Varmint Black Synt pushes the profile of the Horizon towards yet more aggressive lines and covers an additional aspect of varminting hunting and shooting.

Born in the USA for pest-hunting, the varminting rifle has several possible variations, extending beyond just the realm of hunting. Horizon Varmint Black Synt belongs to the varminter/long range category, ensuring excellent ballistic accuracy even at long range. With blued barrel and action, Horizon Varmint Black Synt is offered in .308 WIN caliber, with 11" rifling twist - not a standard choice for a varmint rifle but very much suitable for bullets ranging from 150 to 180 grains and their use at the shooting range. The fluted profile, of this varminting model, with fluted barrels allows the bolt action center of gravity to be retracted, in addition to giving the rifle its attractive style. The result is a varmint rifle with a perfectly distributed and balanced weight. The Relia Trigger trigger is clean and sharp, with an adjustable weight from 0.8 to 1.9 kg, and helps to increase its ballistic accuracy, which as with all Horizon is tested to guarantee 1 MOA out of three shots fired.

The Horizon Varmint butt features a standard medium comb, which promotes the ideal neck and head position, even in the event of repeated shots during shooting range sessions.

The aiming height can be adjusted for the best shooting position by mounting the optional combs low or high. Horizon Varmint has a two-position safety, with free bolt, and 2 single-wire magazines in technopolymer, specially designed to facilitate insertion of the cartridge into the chamber. Dependa Bolt bolting system offers three locking fins with 60° opening, nickel-plated, fluted body, streamlined conical bolt handle and easy disassembly for routine maintenance. Horizon Varmint Black Synt has mounted muzzle brake and base. Like every bolt action rifle, this Varmint hunting one has a 7 year warranty on its mechanical parts and is delivered with a 1 MOA out of three shots fired accuracy certificate.

Technical Features

  • Caliber

    .308 WIN / .223 REM

  • Lop (mm)


  • Lenght (mm)

    1125 without muzzle brake (1187 with muzzle brake)

  • Weight (kg)


  • Rounds

    3+1; 8+1

  • Twist rate


  • Barrel (cm)


  • Bolt

    Fluted chromed Steel

  • Stock

    Black Techno polymer

The technical features and images on the web site are purely approximate, can be improved and / or changed at any time without notice.

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