Horizon All Terrain Black Synt

Bolt action rifles

Horizon All Terrain Black Synt

Horizon All Terrain Black Synt

It is Franchi's wildcard, the bolt action rifle specially designed to give the best in the most varied hunting environments.

7 Year Warranty Evolved Ergonom-x TSA Recoil Pad Relia Trigger Dependa Bolt MOA Guarantee
Gauge / Caliber
.308 WIN / .223 REM
WEIGHT (kg) (± 100g)
3.400 (.308WIN); 3.500 (.223REM)
Recoil pad
Medium TSA Polyurethane
Black Techno-polymer
Allround Interlacement
L.O.P. (mm) (± 2mm)
TRIGGER PULL (Kg) (± 10%)
Matt Blued Steel
Fluted Chromed Steel
Matt Blued Steel
11” (.308WIN); 9” (.223REM)
5/8" x 24
The technical characteristics and images on the website are purely indicative and can be improved and/or modified at any time and without notice.
Horizon All Terrain Black Synt Gallery

Conceptually inspired by the Scout Rifle made in the US, the Horizon All Terrain bolt action rifle is the perfect ally in different hunting fields and at the shooting range.

It’s all in the name – All Terrain: adaptability to any type of target in any type of environment, thanks to its compact size and low weight that allow it to combine dynamic qualities with high precision. Versatile and extremely effective, Horizon All Terrain Black Synt is dedicated to the hunter who is looking for a minimal and aggressive look, lover of clean and decisive lines. The blued barrel and action, combined with the stock in glass fibre technopolymer, give this bolt action rifle a total black look, making it an essential firearm, with a strong personality.

Horizon All Terrain Black Synt is available in the calibers .308 WIN (18″ barrel, 11″ pitch) and .223 REM (18″ barrel, 9″ pitch) with fluted Dependa Bolt and muzzle brake.

Just to increase its functionality, Horizon All Terrain Black Synt has bases for quick release swivel-holders and M-LOK connections: two on each side of the fore-end and two on the bottom. Like all Horizon, the All Terrain is delivered with a certificate of precision 1 M.O.A. on three shots fired. The Relia Trigger is adjustable from 800 to 1,900 grams. The TSA Recoil Pad, supplied as standard, brings the L.O.P. to 355 mm, with the possibility of requiring the long and short version. The height of the comb can vary by replacing the standard medium comb (+20 mm) with the supplied flat comb (+0 mm) or optional low (+10 mm) and high (+30 mm) comb. It is also possible to replace the stock pistol grip, thanks to an interchangeable checkered polymer grip, which improves the grip and comfort of the hunter. It is also possible to mount the Varmint grip, which is larger and with a higher vertical inclination. Horizon All Terrain Black Synt is at its best in both short range and meditated shots, even on moving targets. It has, in fact, the peculiar Flip Up sights, foldable and based on an exclusive Franchi design, with a rear sight with two positions at the root of the long Picatinny rail and a viewfinder with two positions. It is equipped with a detachable 10-rounds magazine, which guarantees easy and fast repetition. It features a 7-year warranty on mechanical parts, the best in its class.

Horizon All Terrain Black Synt
Total black short-barreled rifle for all types of hunting.
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