Horizon Elite Gray

Bolt action rifles

Horizon Elite Gray

Horizon Elite Gray

C'est la carabine à verrou dédiée à ceux qui recherchent une arme précise, ergonomique et fiable mais qui ne renoncent pas à jouer avec les tons et les couleurs.

7 Year Warranty Evolved Ergonom-x TSA Recoil Pad Relia Trigger Dependa Bolt MOA Guarantee
Gauge / Caliber
.223 REM / .243 WIN / 6.5 CREED / .270 WIN / .308 WIN / .30-06 SPRG / .300 WM
WEIGHT (kg) (± 100g)
3.200 (.223 REM); 2.990 (.243 WIN, 6.5 CREED, .270 WIN, .300 WM); 2.950 (.308 WIN, .30-06 SPRG)
Recoil pad
Medium TSA Polyurethane
Tecnopolimero Beige Gray
Allround Interlacement
L.O.P. (mm) (± 2mm)
TRIGGER PULL (Kg) (± 10%)
6.5CREED, .308WIN, .30-06SPRG
Black Cerakote Steel
Fluted Chromed Steel
4+1 (.223REM); 3+1 (.243WIN, 6.5CREED, .270WIN, .308WIN, .30-06SPRG, .300WM)
56/22 (.223REM, .243WIN, 6.5CREED, .270WIN, .308WIN, .30-06SPRG); 61/24 (.300WM)
Black Cerakote Steel
15.4 (.223REM); 16.5 (.243WIN, 6.5CREED, .270WIN, .308WIN, .30-06SPRG, .300WM)
9 (.223REM); 10 (.243WIN, .270WIN); 11 (.308WIN, .30-06SPRG, .300WM); 8 (6.5CREED)
1/2”x28 (.223REM); M14x1 (.243WIN, 6.5CREED, .270WIN, .308WIN, .30-06SPRG, .300WM)
1075 (.223 REM,.243 WIN, 6.5CREED, .270WIN, .308WIN, .30-06SPRG); 1125 (.300WM)
The technical characteristics and images on the website are purely indicative and can be improved and/or modified at any time and without notice.
Horizon Elite Gray Gallery

Horizon Elite Gray is the simple repeating rifle for the hunter who loves a modern, unconventional style - available with removable magazine and fluted bolt.

This hunting rifle is erfect for both the qualified hunter-selectioner and the professional, it is ideal for all selective hunting of medium and large European or African ungulates. It features a removable 3 or 4 round magazine, depending on the caliber, and Dependa Bolt fluted bolt, to satisfy any hunter’s taste and hunting habits. Suitable for any hunting scenario, it retains the essential, established design of the Horizon range – with particular attention to aesthetics. The special stock colorway, in the Beige Gray tone, gives it a distinctive, winning character. The Dependa Bolt fluted bolt with three-fin locking, equipped with a 60° opening that allows access to the action for a quick rearming even with significant scopes in place.

Available in calibers .223 REM, .243 WIN, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPRG, 6.5 CREEDMOOR and .300 WIN MAG, is an accurate, ideal bolt action rifle for hunting different types of ungulate game.

The barrel has a rifled bore, wrought by cold roto-hammering with the utmost precision. Horizon Elite Gray, with its beige livery and Cerakote treatment to barrel and action, possesses a rounded muzzle with 14×1 thread and thread protector ring. Like every Franchi bolt action rifle, Horizon Elite Gray is delivered with the certificate guaranteeing accuracy of 1 MOA out of three shots fired. Constructed in accordance with the Evolved Ergonom-X development platform, which by studying customary hunting habits of a sample of more than a thousand hunters, returns an ergonomic bolt action, suited to being gripped in the 5 main shooting positions. Thanks to the TSA Recoil Pad, the length of the LOP can be customized in three different sizes: 355 mm with standard medium recoil pad, 347 mm with low recoil pad, 365 mm with high recoil pad. Ideal for red deer and fallow deer hunting, for wild boar selection hunting, for hunting African antelopes; thanks to its lightness, it is also suitable for hunt types that require long trips.

Horizon Elite Gray
Camouflage bolt action for big game hunting with Cerakote coating.
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