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Are you fond of hoofed game hunting? Horizon Elite Strata is the repeating rifle ideal to camouflage yourself in the vegetation and become the invisible hunter.

Horizon Elite Strata

Bolt Action

Horizon Elite Strata is the bolt action carbine ensuring a total camouflage when hunting hoofed game.

The Truetimber camouflage, in Strata shade, enables a whole mimetic camouflage in different natural environments through micro and macro design patterns derived from the vegetal world, to challenge the perception of hoofed game, endowed with a field of vision wider than the one of human beings. While macro design breaks up the firearm profile at any distance, micro design merges it with every ground type, making it simply invisible. Perfect for wild boar selective hunting, as well as deer or alpine chamois hunting, but not exclusively to, it is a precise and reliable bolt action. Analogously to its twin Horizon Elite Gray, barrel and action feature Cerakote coating in the Midnight Bronze shade, an ultra-thin painting increasing the duration and resistance of the metal parts and rendering Horizon Elite Strata suitable for all hunting enthusiasts regarding the harshest temperatures and in extreme environmental conditions.

Modern e distinctive, it is available for .223 REM, .243 WIN, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPFD,  6,5 CREEDMOOR and .300 WIN MAG calibers, with fluted bolt and removable magazine loader.

The Smooth sense butt-end ensures 4 areas of contact with the hunter's body, and a perfect gripping devised taking into account the 5 main shooting positions. Thanks to TSA-ADV recoil pad, the recoil at the moment of the shot is reduced by 50%, ensuring easy shot repetition if necessary. Like any Franchi bolt action rifle, also Horizon Elite Strata undergoes an accuracy test vouching for 1 M.O.A. for any three shots-pattern fired precision and is delivered with the relevant warranty inside the packaging. Thanks to Horizon Elite Strata, slipping silently through the woods hunting for hooves or blending in the vegetation waiting for the prey has never been so thrilling.

Technical Features

  • Caliber

    223 REM / 243 WIN / 270 WIN / 308 WIN / 30-06 SPFD / 6,5 CREEDMOOR / 300 WIN MAG

  • Lop (mm)

    355 (347, 365)

  • Lenght (mm)

    1075 (223 REM, 243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 6,5 CREEDMOOR); 1125 (300 WIN MAG)

  • Weight (kg)

    2,950 (308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD); 2,990 (243 WIN, 270 WIN, 6,5 CREEDMOOR, 300 WIN MAG); 3,200 (223 REM)

  • Rounds

    3+1 (243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 6,5 CREEDMOOR, 300 WIN MAG); 4+1 (223 REM)

  • Twist rate

    9 (223 REM); 10 (243 WIN, 270 WIN); 11 (308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 300 WIN MAG); 8 (6,5 CREEDMOOR)

  • Barrel (cm)

    56 (223 REM, 243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPDF, 6,5 CREEDMOOR); 61 (300 WIN MAG)

  • Bolt


  • Stock

    Tecnopolimero camo True Timber Strata

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