Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine

Bolt action rifles

Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine

Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine

The bolt action rifle for varminting so-called "pests".

7 Year Warranty Evolved Ergonom-x TSA Recoil Pad Relia Trigger Dependa Bolt MOA Guarantee
Gauge / Caliber
.223 REM / .22-250 REM / .224 VAL / .308 WIN
WEIGHT (kg) (± 100g)
4.150 (.223REM, .224VAL); 3.950 (22-250REM, .308WIN)
Recoil pad
Medium TSA Polyurethane
Camo Optifade Subalpine Tecnopolimero
Allround Interlacement
L.O.P. (mm) (± 2mm)
TRIGGER PULL (Kg) (± 10%)
Midnight Bronze Cerakote Steel
Fluted Chromed Steel
2 detachable
8+1; 4+1 (.223REM); 7+1; 3+1 (.224VAL); 3+1; 8+1 (.22-250REM, .308 WIN)
Midnight Bronze Cerakote Steel
7” (.224VAL); 12” (.22-250REM); 9” (.223REM); 11” (.308 WIN)
1125 without muzzle brake (1187 with muzzle brake)
The technical characteristics and images on the website are purely indicative and can be improved and/or modified at any time and without notice.
Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine Gallery

Versatile and effective, Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine combines great ballistic accuracy - even at long range - with the excellent use that can be made of it at the shooting range.

Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine comes in Optifade Subalpine camouflage, specifically for varminting immersed in lowland and premontane vegetation. Designed with micro- and macro- patterning, to deceive game perception and allow the hunter to be camouflaged whether stalking from the ground or under cover of trees and vegetation. The Cerakote coating on barrel and action, typical of the Elite line, is here offered in the Midnight Bronze colourway and chromatically matched to the camouflage patterning. An ultra-fine ceramic coating further improving corrosion resistance and separation of the treated surfaces, perfect for hunting even in extreme environments. The result of the Evolved Ergonom-X platform, Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine features ergonomics designed according to the shooting habits of more than a thousand hunters, for maximum comfort in hunting experiences.

The Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine bolt action rifle is available in .22-250 REM (12″ twist), .223 REM (9″ twist), .224 VAL (7″ twist) calibers, .308 WIN (11″ twist).

From pure varminters – like the .22-250 REM and .224 VAL, to the .223 REM set-up, which allows the best use to be made of even slightly longer bullets, from the classic 55 grain to heavier ammunition. With fluted profile and fluted barrels, which shift back the center of gravity, Horizon Varmint possesses an excellent weight balance, making it simultaneously stable and manageable while giving it a modern styling. The nickel-plated Dependa Bolt bolt is fluted – with three-fin locking system – and allows opening up to 60°. The streamlined conical bolt handle is easily removable for routine maintenance. Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine has a mounted base, muzzle brake and medium comb, with optional low and high comb to adjust aim height. With aggressive lines rich with character, Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine is the perfect choice to experience the intensity of hunting emotions. Like every Franchi bolt action, it has a 7-year warranty on its mechanical parts and a certificate of accuracy of 1 MOA out of three shots fired.

Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine
Camouflage varmint and long-range rifle, from pest-hunting to the shooting range.
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