Affinity Pro

Semi automatic shotguns

Affinity Pro

Affinity Pro

It is the super lightweight shotgun to travel long distances and cross rough places in search of the most difficult wild game without any difficulty.

7 Year Warranty Evolved Ergonom-x TSA Recoil Pad Omni Stock Adjustable Fit Front Inertia
Gauge / Caliber
WEIGHT (kg) (± 100g)
Recoil pad
Short TSA Polyurethane
Optowood Walnut Wood
Allround Interlacement
DROP AT HEEL (± 2 mm)
L.O.P. (mm) (± 2mm)
TRIGGER PULL (Kg) (± 10%)
Black anodized Aluminum alloy
Steel Shot 61/24
INTERNAL 70 mm F (*); M (***); CYL (*****)
Medium green fiber-optic
The technical characteristics and images on the website are purely indicative and can be improved and/or modified at any time and without notice.
Affinity Pro Gallery

A hunter-oriented approach along with the fulfilment for his passion has always something that Franchi set out to do.

Franchi range of semi-automatics is richer and more complete with Affinity Pro, positively responding to the demand for lightness coming from a specific corner of the market. Affinity Pro weighs, only 2.690 Kg.,

allows the hunter to enjoy all the most beautiful sensations and emotions that a hunting day can offer. Affinity Pro is the ideal solution for upland hunting: it allows you to travel long distance and cross inaccessible places when searching for the most difficult game, causing no hindrance and as free as possible.

The two parallel engraved lines, that join the barrel and stock, and an orange F on the guard make it an unmistakable Franchi.

Affinity Pro has a burnished and Ergal casing; on the right side of the body the word PRO stands out in orange. All super-light woods are subjected to Optowood treatment: a special technique of processing and drying which, through “laser technologies”, brings out the wood grain. In addition to the Optowood treatment the oil finish is added, which strengthens its resistance over time and against atmospheric agents. Available in 12 gauge and with Steelshot rods in 61 cm, the Affinity Pro has been studied and designed without rib for a more instinctive shot; the scope is in green fibre optic, offering superior visibility in any light condition. Ergonomics guaranteed by a TSA _Adv (Twin Shock Absorber advanced) recoil pad with closed cell polyurethane foam, which reduces recoil. The knurling, called Allround Interlacement, has been designed to optimise a firm grip at any time. The Affinity Pro mechanical operation is the same as any Franchi semi-automatics: the Front Inertia. Like any Franchi product, Affinity Pro features a 7-year warranty on all mechanical parts.

Affinity Pro
The ultra-light weight semi-automatic for drive hunting.
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