Affinity companion German pointer: the hunting semi automatic shotgun dedicated to the German hunting dog

The most recent protagonist of the multi-year series of hunting semi automatic shotguns in 12 and 20 gauge dedicated to a particular dog breed, the Affinity Companion German Pointer is the perfect companion for the dog-loving hunter.

This hunting semi automatic shotgun celebrate the German Pointer. Known also as the Kurhzaar, it is a short-haired pointer dog with ancient German origins. Elegant and secure in its movements, it’s characterized by a proud bearing and innate nobility.

Considered the universal hunting dog, it’s a companion suitable for identifying any type of wild animal, stationary or migratory, in every kind of environment, from the wide plains of the east, to the insidious marshes, up to the intricate forests typical of woodcock hunting.

The German Pointer is in fact one of the favorite dog breeds for this type of hunting, in which perseverance and astuteness are fundamental ingredients to overcome the pitfalls that the queen of the forest puts into place.

Athletic body, head high and nose to the wind, it’s a helper with a wide and sure gaze, moving lightly and noble, and gives the hunter a feeling of confidence, important for the success of the hunting activity.

Tireless and passionate, it expresses itself in formidable points, retrievals, recoveries, and response, covering great distances without ever having to save his energy.

The point of a German Pointer is an exciting sight to witness, one of those many sensations that you still feel on your skin returning home after a day of hunting in nature.

Different from the English Pointer that stops suddenly, as soon as he notices the wild animal and goes into emanation, he stretches his neck with a reasoning attitude, gradually slowing his pace until he stops, statuesque.

Born for life outdoors, it’s a dog with hunting in its DNA!


Conceived to celebrate the bond that is created between hunter and his four-legged companion, this semiautomatic shotgun is embellished with a golden trigger, Grade 3 wood, and the engraving of the profile of German Pointer in full hunting action, which decorates the nickel-plated receiver.

The mechanical operation, like for all hunting semi automatic shotguns, is the consolidated inertial system named Front-Inertia. This sees the recovery spring positioned in the front of the shotgun, placing the center of gravity forward to allow significant reduction of the muzzle climb.

Ergonomic and handy, it’s a hunting semi automatic made according to the parameters of the development platform Franchi XS that, after having studied the hunting habits of more than a thousand hunters, has created a shotgun with a fast and instinctive swing, which follows with its lines the hunter’s natural anatomy.

The Franchi checkering, named All-round Interlacement, decorates the stock and forend of this semi automatic shotgun, to guarantee the ideal grasp and perfect grip.

The stock is completed with the TSA_ADV recoil pad that, thanks to the work of polyurethane foams that expand when shooting, reduces the recoil by 50% and the friction on clothes, also in moments of sudden shoots that require a fast swing.

This hunting semi-automatic shotgun offers three different lengths to customize the length of the stock. The standard length is 365 mm with a medium 22 mm recoil pad mounted; 357 mm with small Tsa_Adv recoil pad and 375 mm with long one.

Magnum chambered, it is a hunting semi automatic shotgun available with 71 cm barrels in the 12 gauge and 66 cm in the 20 gauge, and like all Franchi products, it has 7-year-warranty on mechanical parts. It’s delivered in the characteristic orange Franchi case.

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