Carpe diem wrote Orazio, grab the day. Savour every moment, not thinking about tomorrow, exactly the same as when you go hunting.

And during the woodcock hunt you cannot improvise, you need to know the places the “Queen of the forest” frequents, explore paths and hillsides, in the company of your loyal four-legged friend.

You need to penetrate wet and impervious areas, because challenging woodcock requires patience, ability and a great commitment.

Don’t they say that absence sharpens the appetite? When after a long preparation you finally meet the queen of the forest and its feathers shine in sunlight, adrenalin kicks in and you need the ideal shotgun for hunting this unpredictable and fascinating prey.

Feeling Woodcock and Feeling Woodcock Select are over and under shotguns, with overlaid ventilated barrels, available in 62 and 66 cm for 12 gauge and 62 cm for 20 and 28 gauge. With elegant and sharp lines, these are the perfect over and under guns to face the challenges of hunting.

Shotgun and hunter become a single entity, thanks to the speed with which it can be shouldered.

The light weight of this over and under ­— 2,6 kg (12 gauge), 2,4 kg (20 gauge) and 2,4 kg (28 gauge) — makes Feeling Woodcock and Feeling Woodcock Select extremely easy to handle and ideal for the long walks this kind of hunt requires.

As any other product, comply with Franchi XS platform, which guarantees maximum ergonomics.

These over and under shotguns are also available with left-handed stock, automatic ejectors and double trigger.

When you hunt the queen of the forest there’s no appeal. Carpe diem, seize the day!

Only then the perfect shot becomes pure pleasure!

Discover all features: Feeling woodcock and Feeling woodcock select.