Top performance, quality and features for semi-automatic shotgun Affinity 3 Elite.

The semi-automatic shotgun Affinity 3 Elite presents outfitting and finishes, which make it more attractive and practical.

This Franchi smooth barrel shotgun is available in two designs: Bronze and Cobalt, for those who love waterfowl hunting.

Affinity cubed: hence Affinity 3, to meet the needs of those hunters who choose to hunt in extreme weather conditions. This semiauto shotgun has been partially renewed, with cartridge release button, trigger lever and loading port 3 times bigger, for better and easier use with gloved hand.

Thanks to stock and fore-end in Timber (Affinity 3 Elite Cobalt) and Marsh (Affinity 3 Elite Bronze) shaded Optifade techno polymer, it is the ideal shotgun for an effective camouflage in woodland-swamp environment.

Cerakote finish is one of the peculiar features of the semi-automatic shotgun Affinity 3 Elite, in two different nuances: Bronze and Cobalt.

It is an ultra-thin ceramic based coating that reduces the risk of corrosion and improves the resistance and duration of the metal parts of the gun, in order to have great performances and no worries even in extreme environmental conditions.

As for all Affinity and Intensity shotgun, it is equipped with Front Inertia technology, magnum barrels and available in 12 and 20 gauges with one chock (***).

It has dual color fibre optic sight for quick aiming even in twilight hours. As every Franchi product, Affinity 3 Elite has 7-year warranty on the mechanical parts.

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