10 things to do at home… while waiting for the next hunting season

#stayathome is the current hashtag. What can a hunter do at home for making the quarantine a stimulating experience, while waiting for the next hunting season?

The fine weather has showed up and we can’t enjoy it yet. Stop the melancholy and cheer up, it is time to think outside the box! Why can’t we see this period as a chance, which allows us to do all the things we’ve always postponed? We are finally free of dedicating ourselves to our passions, letting our imagination free and making this isolation productive and interesting.

How many times, during our daily life, have we told ourselves: “I wish I could have more time for my family”? This is the occasion to enjoy moments with our loved ones. That’s true, spending 24 hours a day with your partner could be a real challenge, but try to think about all the hunting stories you can tell to your children, obviously with a dash of imagination: “…it was the perfect morning to go hunting woodcock and daddy and his loyal four-legged friend Brillo had walked many miles, when suddenly the queen of the forest leapt out of the vegetation as a lightning!”

Are you curious of knowing the end of the story?

Maybe our four-legged friends, that love so much getting dirty and working hard during hunting days, are less enthusiastic, but now it’s time for more attentions for them too: cuddle, bath, moments together on the sofa, clean and perfumed.

While waiting for the next hunting season, staying with our hunting dogs is one the most beautiful pleasure of being home.

Easter is coming, the time all the grannies wait for: the spring cleaning. But now that we’re all in our houses, it’s up to us! Every hunter knows it, spring cleaning aren’t heavy at all, cleaning the hunting shotguns is a very relaxing moment. Those who are mad about precision enjoy cleaning every tenth of a millimeter of their shotgun, while others quickly tidy up, ready for the news hunting season. Also Giulia, after many “when I’ll have the time”, has decided to spend an entire afternoon in refurbishing her “hunting buddies”… you won’t believe it, but we have evidences

Let’s face it, one of the greatest pleasure we’re given during this quarantine is food, but watching our weight is a thought that never leaves us. During these days of home and kitchen, we’ve thought “quarantine passes… belly remains”, but do you know game meat has 50-80% less fat that red meat? This is the time to empty your freezer and make delicious game dishes! For original and tasty ideas, read Franchi Food Academy recipes, enjoying these days at home with delight.

And then… it’s workout time! Once the meal is over, we can still be focus on staying in shape and ready for our future hunting days. If you’re motivated… you can take Davide as an example: he never gives up on a healthy workout, not even from his living room!

Music, painting, reading, yoga, many are the hobbies we can do comfortably at home. It’s finally time when the phrase “taking time for myself” it’s no more a fantasy. Andrea, for instance, has taken this chance to dedicate himself to his second passion, after hunting: editing his wonderful videos… about hunting! You’re right, the topic is always the same, but what can we do, as hunters, if every roads bring us to our greatest passion?

Hunting season is still far away, but with all this time, nothing prevents us from binge-watching hunting videos and episodes, maybe discovering new hunting techniques and flying away with fantasy to new destinations for our future hunting trips.

It is the good practice of making order in the place we live in, setting us free from the unnecessary and arranging the space around us.

Which moment would be better that this to control our hunting gear? The WET got busy, reorganizing decoys and fixing waterfowl calls. Ok, it is not the hard work they’re used to, but everything is good to keep themselves busy these days!

For entertaining and because we miss you, we thought about a series of appointments and extra contents just for you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram not to miss any of them!

There could be moments when the space inside our four walls seems a bit tight, maybe because we are gaining a little weight!

During these days of home activities, take some time also to dream, imagine the breeze gently caressing your face, the firs’ and larches’ perfume, the golden colors of the sunset, reflecting on the lagoon water mirror, the melodious sounds of nature which, relentlessly, runs its course.

It is all outside, very much close from us and if we will be responsible, we will save together what could become the better hunting season ever!

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