Affinity 3 Elite Wood: the newest 2020 smooth barrel shotgun

Franchi amplifies its range of smooth barrel shotguns with the new Affinity 3 Elite Wood, a modern and non-conventional hunting semi automatic shotgun.

Hunting is a game of chess. Strategy, waiting, and action are the fundamental ingredients. An incredible number of variables make every hunting day a new adventure. The passion and knowledge of the hunter are strengthened, the discoveries that every hunting outing gives again and again. Like the chess player, the hunter meticulously prepares the hunting equipment, knows and studies the hunting environment, the different wind conditions, aware of the smallest variation that may indicate the presence of a wild animal. But even before this… Choosing the perfect adventure companion is fundamental! The semi auto Affinity 3 Elite Wood enriches the range of Franchi smooth barrel shotguns and presents a new and modern outfit.

This semiautomatic hunting shotgun combines the Affinity’s performance guarantee with an original use of material. Dedicated to the hunter that, while preferring a sober and clean style, doesn’t want to renounce aesthetics, the Affinity 3 Elite Wood combines the resistance of the Cerakote finish with stock wood, that adds a note of color to this semi-automatic.

The first piece of evidence is its intriguing and distinctive look. Stock and forend are made of oil-finished, European Grade 2 walnut. The decision to prefer a live material like wood makes every Affinity 3 Elite Wood a practical shotgun, but one that doesn’t renounce an aesthetic touch. This, in combination with the barrel’s Cerakote finish and an attractive Metal Gray nuance, makes it a contemporary hunting shotgun with character.

A true feature of the Elite line, the Cerakote gives the shotgun greater resistance to atmospheric agents. Thanks to this ultra-thin ceramic-based paint on the gun’s metal parts, which optimizes its physical properties, it offers optimal levels of adhesion and better corrosion resistance.


The dual-color fiber optic gun allows for a sure and quick aiming even if environmental conditions of low visibility or in deceptive twilight light. In addition, the loading window, the cartridge release button, and the increased throttle allow for rapid reset and easy use.

When you’re out to hunt, feeling at ease in your movements and totally present with yourself is everything… And having a shotgun that translates your thoughts into actions makes all the difference! Designed in accordance with the development platform Franchi XS, that, through studying the hunting habits of more than a thousand hunters, returns an instrument perfectly shaped to the hunter’s anatomy, the Affinity 3 Elite Wood is an ergonomic and manageable smooth barrel shotgun that’s born out of requests of hunters. The exclusive All-round Interlacement knurling, situation in proximity to the recoil pad and forend, guarantees an optimal grip and a sure grasp.

Whether you’re stationed near the olive trees hunting thrushes or between crossings hunting wood pigeons, the ease of this Affinity’s swing allows you to see the shotgun as an extension of your arm, making even the most complex shots more natural, like those necessary to challenge the most unpredictable game.

The hunting semi auto Affinity 3 Elite Wood is available in 12 gauges and 20 gauge, with the lengths of the barrels being 71 cm in 12 gauge and 66 cm in 20 gauge, in order to respond to the diverse needs of male and female hunters, whether they prefer the power of a 12 or seek the lightness and handling of a cadet gauge.

So, after long preparation, the moments of waiting before finally seeing the wild animal and the adrenaline at the sudden flutter of wings, nothing else remains but enjoying all the emotions that the hunt can give and making your move… Checkmate!


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