Franchi hunting firearm to the third power: Affinity becomes Affinity 3

The Affinity semi automatic hunting firearm gets a makeover and becomes Affinity 3. New configuration, same emotions.

At the base of our philosophy there is a simple but crucial concept: rifles and shotguns are not simple a hunting firearm, but a tool to live unique experiences.

For this reason, functionality and ergonomics are the root of every Franchi project, which in the study, conception and creation phase is always by the hunter. Each solution adopted, in fact, is designed to make the most of the hunting field, adapting to different hunting scenarios.

Because what makes the difference when you’re out there, in the wild, waiting for the best time to take action, is not a beautiful engraving, but the harmony with your own shotgun, feeling it as a natural extension of your arm.

This year our ergonomic development platform was renewed, Evolved Ergonom-X, which, thanks to the study of the hunting and shooting habits of the hunters today, returns hunting firearms with perfect shapes.

This new release resulted in a new configuration of the Franchi semi automatics, even more functional and effective.

Affinity gets empowered and becomes Affinity 3.

At a glance the appearance of the Affinity 3 is what has always characterized the style of semiauto Affinity. Fresh and energetic lines, which fascinate both young and expert hunters and give to Franchi hunting firearms an outstanding character, while maintaining the essentiality of a “no frills” aesthetic.

The main differences compared to its predecessor, in fact, concern button, bolt handle and loading port, which are 3 millimeters larger and have shapes designed to maximize ergonomics and ease of use. They might seem tiny details, but those details are what makes the difference in the field and make it easier to use in all hunting conditions, especially in harsh climate environments and with a gloved hand.

Hence also the choice of the name, Affinity 3, which in addition to 3 millimeters, recalls the 3 inches of the magnum chamber.

The mechanical operation of the Affinity 3 is the consolidated Front-Inertia, a must among semiautomatic smooth barrel hunting firearms.

The recoil spring is housed in the fore-end around the magazine tube, allowing the center of gravity to be moved forward and, consequently, to reduce the muzzle climb and recoil when firing.

Plus, thanks to TSA Recoil Pad, in polyurethane foams that expand when shooting, the perception of the recoil on the shoulder of the hunter is reduced by 50%.

The range of Affinity 3 comes in many models, which stand out for their wide versatility and adapt to different types of hunting.

Available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge depending on the declination, they are all characterized by the light aluminum alloy receiver.

Among the models with wooden stocks we find the Affinity 3 Wood, with black anodized receiver, which reinterprets the classic “all hunting” in a modern key.

Followed by the latest reinterpretation of semi automatic shotgun dedicated to the sports disciplines of Sporting and Compak.

The new Affinity 3 Sporting Wood in fact, abandons the techno-polymer of the previous version for the wooden stock Grade 2 which, in combination with the light color receiver, determines its sober and essential appearance. Available in 12 and 20 gauge, it is equipped with 3 * / *** / **** knurled chokes.

For lovers of hunting firearms modern and versatile, suitable for both bird hunting than for the waterfowl hunting, the line of Franchi synthetic semi autos includes both version total black than camo, both with magnum or supermagnum cameras.

Affinity 3 Black Synt, also available in the version dedicated to left-handed hunters, and Affinity 3.5 Black Synt, allow you to live the hunting experience to the fullest, without compromise and in maximum freedom.

While the camo models Max 5 and 3.5 Max 5 propose an evergreen between hunting camouflage, for a total mimicry in the vegetation.

Dedicated to the “waterfowler”, the camo of Realtree is made up of an incredible variety of details that reproduce the elements of the typical plant environment of waterfowl hunting. Thus, hyper-realistic mimetic patterns are created, able to render the shotgun perfectly invisible to the keen sight of the wild.

All of our semi auto shotguns have the plus Omni Stock Adjustable Fit: adjustable stock in the drop and cast, to ensure immediate affinity with your shotgun.

The magnum Affinity 3 all have a flat rib, but offer the possibility of requesting the step version with ramp, which allows a slight vertical “advance”, in some barrel lengths that vary according to the model.

Like any Franchi hunting firearm, the Affinity 3 & 3.5 has a 7-year warranty on mechanical parts, the best in its category.

Semi automatic shotguns that meet the needs of hunters.

Because hunting is not a simple pastime, it is a total experience, a lifestyle. It is being in absolute harmony with the shotgun and with everything around you. It is about spending a day carefree, away from the city and the daily routine. It is about living an experience that does not end when you return home, but is found in memories and stories.

Hunting is when there’s You, your Franchi and the Nature.

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