Among our latest hunting firearms, Horizon Wood is a hunting rifle with a walnut stock for the best hunting experience.

Can you be modern and tied to tradition at the same time? Talking about rifles, Horizon Wood is the answer, a hunting rifle that combines captivating dynamic lines with a walnut stock.

A modern firearm, designed for the hunters of today who appreciate a certain bond with tradition and they are looking for the best hunting experience.

Ungulates hunting is a noble activity, with a beneficial value for the environment and biodiversity.

In many countries, especially in Europe, it combines hunting in the strict sense with, in fact, the scientific selection of the animals assigned, on the basis of a regional plan. Conceived as an activity originating from Central Europe, today it has more and more enthusiasts, who are also and above all growing among the new generations of hunters.

Indeed, there are many young people who approach hunting thanks to the rifled gun. These two souls, modernity and the bond with the hunting tradition, are found in the new Horizon Wood bolt action.

The first distinctive element of this hunting bolt action is the stock, that distinguishes it from other Franchi rifles.

In fact, it is made of European walnut wood with the Weathercoat Wood treatment, which improves its weathering resistance.

Of course, it is always advisable to carry out regular field maintenance with each new shot, to keep your hunting rifle “in perfect shape”.

In line with the other synthetic configurations of the Horizon bolt action range, the Smooth Sense stock is also re-proposed in wood, with the particular checkering located in the pistol grip and in the front part of the stock.

4 contact zones, designed according to the latest update of the Evolved Ergonom-X ergonomic development platform, ensure a perfect grip in the 5 main shooting positions.

A versatile bolt action and suitable for both stalking and hunting from high seat.

Posizioni tiro a palla con Horizon Wood carabina da caccia di selezione

Shooting positions with Horizon Wood

Horizon Wood is delivered with the Picatinny rail already mounted on the bolt action. Made of steel, the rail is of the monolithic type, then made in a single piece for maximum stability and mounted at 0 MOA of inclination, with the line of sight parallel to the axis of the stock.

Horizon Wood is available in three calibers .30 par excellence: .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Winchester Magnum.

  • The .308 Win performs at its best with bullets between 150-165 grains and is also widely used at the shooting range.
  • The .30-06 Sprg gives its best with 165 grain bullets. It is a very popular caliber in the States and is often used on big game hunting trips, such as those heading to Africa.
  • The .300 WM combines power, speed, and remarkable inherent precision. It is suitable for all medium to large and very leathery game, especially when used with 180 grain balls.

So, the more with heavy calibers such as magnums, the old assumption may come to mind: “power the enemy of comfort”. Today we know that this is no longer necessarily the case.

In fact, thanks to the TSA Recoil Pad mounted on our hunting firearms and available in different heights, the sensation of the recoil felt by the hunter when shooting is reduced by 50%.

Recoil sensation that further reduces, with the possibility of purchasing aftermarket a simple muzzle brake, available as an accessory, which conveys the firing gases in the opposite direction to the movement of the rifle.

To experience the sensations of hunting to the fullest and in maximum freedom.

Light and ergonomic, Horizon Wood is a manual repeating rifle weighing less than 3 kg, ideal for tackling long walks, typical of stalking.

Equipped with a detachable 3-round magazine in all calibers, it has a lightened conical handle and Dependa Bolt grooved bolt with three locking lugs, which guarantees 60° opening even with large optics.

Last but not least, accuracy is the main characteristic that hunting rifles must meet.

Like all Franchi bolt action hunting firearms, Horizon Wood is delivered with the accuracy certificate inside the packaging, which reproduces the grouping of each particular Horizon, certifying the accuracy of 1 MOA on three shots fired.

The barrel is 22”/56 cm in .308 Win and .30-06 Sprg, 24”/61 cm in .300 WM, 11” twist rate and 16.5 muzzle.

When you are out in the wild and, after hours of hiding, the perfect time comes for action, you know there will be no second chance, that the shot will have to be clean, safe, and accurate.

Right there, everything stops, and you are alone with your bolt action, facing the spectacle of a wild one you have come to know.

Intimacy. It is perhaps one of the aspects that fascinate most of the ungulates hunt, often carried out alone, in a silent dialogue with nature and with yourself.