Hunting beyond shooting: Franchi’s plus

The Franchi’s plus were conceived to make hunting an unforgettable experience. Much more than hunting shotguns, the aim is to offer sheer emotions of life to the hunter.

Born more than 150 years ago, today Franchi is an international brand, which knew how to reinvent itself, while maintaining the values, which have marked it since the beginning.

Every Franchi products are made to offer an exciting and unique experience to the hunter, because hunting is a combination of many little things, moments written in your memory, sensations so strong that you can feel them on your skin: the smell of nature, the look of your gun dog while it sniffs the prey, the sunset’s colors reflecting on water, the flap of wings which breaks the silence.

All of this is Franchi: shotguns and rifles with a sensorial and experiential dimension at their core.

These are the principles inspiring Franchi weapon and all the plus it offers today.

Understanding hunter’s needs is, for hunters like us, at the heart of every creation. For this reason, development and research, which Franchi is pursuing every day, are meant to create reliable and manageable guns.

Among Franchi’s plus, there is Front-Inertiafucili da caccia, hunting rifles shotguns, a guarantee in terms of mechanical operation for all Franchi semiauto. This technology allows the positioning of the return spring “in front”, in the fore-end around the magazine tube. What’s the result? Forward center of gravity, better balance and consequential reduction of the muzzle climb at the moment of the shot.

  • Sharp and distinctive lines, no frills shotguns and rifles. Weapon that are able to provide utmost performance and comfort. That’s why Franchi offers a wide and articulate range of shotguns and hunting rifles, aimed at meeting every need, both for expert and novice hunters.

    Today Franchi offers to hunters:

The ergonomic developed platform called Franchi XS shotguns, at the core of every Franchi’s project, by analyzing more than 1.000 hunters’ habits, returned as result the guns with perfect shape. The typical Franchi checkering on stock and fore-end guarantees a stable and quick shouldering.

The TSA_ADV recoil pad carabine da cacciacompletes the stock of every semiautomatic shotguns, excluding Affinity Compact, and bolt action rifles. Thanks to polyurethane foams, which expand when shooting, it allows to absorb 50% of the recoil, reducing friction on clothing when the weapon is shouldered quickly.

Feeling good with yourself, comfortable in movements, having more than just a hunting shotgun, but a real companion on adventures. This is Franchi’s claim, this is what Feels Right means!

For allowing the hunter to live his passion thoughtless and with maxim serenity, Franchi offers 7-year warranty on the mechanical parts of every product.

Moreover, every Franchi bolt action rifle is accuracy-tested to guarantee 1 M.O.A.  shotguns accuracy with a 3 shot group… for utmost accurate and reliable guns!

When your surrounded by nature, hunting the most difficult game, it is not a refine wood nor a beautiful engraving that make the difference, but a weapon who naturally and efficiently meets your needs, for living every hunting emotions in extreme freedom

More current, more exciting, more Franchi!

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