Affinity 3 Elite Cobalt is the semi-automatic shotgun with the perfect camouflage for waterfowl hunting.

“When you hear a sound that you just can’t place, feel somethin’ move that you just can’t trace… I’m the invisible man”, Freddie Mercury sang. And with the semi-automatic shotgun Affinity 3 Elite Cobalt you become invisible for real!

The smooth barrel Franchi shotgun, with stock and fore-end in Timber shaded Optifade techno polymer, is ideal to camouflage in the woodland-swamp environment. This camo, rich in details and shades, makes the hunting shotgun Affinity 3 Elite perfectly camouflaged in the environment, from conifers’ trunks up in the mountains to marshland in waterfowl hunting.

Optifade Timber camo, studied to fulfill specific hunting needs, offers new concepts in camouflage patterns and optimizes the contrast between shades and colors, for challenging game’s perception and becoming invisible hunters, even in those movements between vertical lines of trunks and reeds, which normally stresses the human figure and the gun.

And you’ll just disappear into natural background…

Dual Color fiber optic sight allows a quick aiming of the target, even in deceiving twilight hours.

The hunting semiauto Affinity 3 Elite Cobalt has Cerakote finish for the barrel and the receiver, which enhances the resistance of the metal parts of the gun against corrosion. This semi-automatic shotgun is perfect for those who love hunting in the harshest climate and environment.

Thanks to the cartridge release button, trigger lever and loading port 3 times bigger (hence Affinity 3), it would be incredibly easy to handle your shotgun even with gloved hands.

Affinity 3 Elite Cobalt is magnum chambered and available in 12 and 20 gauges. As every Franchi product, it has a 7-year warranty on the mechanical parts.

As all the Franchi semi-automatic shotguns, it has the inertia driven cycling system called Front Inertia.

Either you’re hidden into the woods, with intense perfume of larches and firs, underneath a sky which threatens rain, hunting the most difficult game, or among reeds in woodland-swamp environment, with mud as a second skin, or hunting in the wonderful Alps covered with snow, Affinity 3 Elite Cobalt is the hunting semi-automatic shotgun perfect for you.

So… Let’s rock!