Hunting shotguns and rifles: the 2021 news

Ready for the next season, with new hunting shotguns and rifles

New hunting shotguns and rifles: the surprises hotly anticipated by every hunter ahead of the coming hunting season!

Each new year brings with it many expectations, and the moment of curiosity begins, turning every hunter into a kid again, in the discovery of the surprises the year has in store and in the preparation for the new season.

There are those who get their information via social media and the web, those who love to browse catalogs, while for the more traditionalist there is nothing better than to visit the armory and handle the year’s new releases in person.

What are the 2021 shotguns and rifles?

Affinity becomes Affinity 3: a new configuration for our hunting shotguns.

Isn’t it true that every now and then you really need to shake up your look?

This is what happened to the Affinity hunting semiauto, which from this year have a new, even more functional set-up.

Thanks to the completely upgraded Evolved Ergonom-X platform, the shotgun’s lines have been further improved, following the ergonomic indications collected through a study of hunters’ shooting habits.

The result? Affinity cubed: this smooth barrel shotgun‘s most important innovations are the bolt handle, bolt release button and loading port which, after the restyling, are 3 millimeters larger.

Details, however, that make the difference on the hunting field!

Especially when the weather gets harsher, as can happen, for example, during a day of hunting in the mountains or while waterfowl hunting, those extra few millimeters make the shotgun even easier to use, even when wearing gloves.

Additionally, the name Affinity 3 also references the 76mm magnum bore, which is alternatively three inches.

Following the same principle, the whole semiauto supermagnum range becomes Affinity 3.5, the inch equivalent of 89mm chamber.

Both maintain the same mechanical operation of the semiauto, the consolidated Front Inertia, a distillation of reliability and efficiency.

In fact, positioning the recoil spring in the fore-end around the magazine tube means moving the center of gravity forward, minimizing the climb of the shotgun and accordingly reducing the recoil sensation when firing.

This, in combination with the TSA Recoil Pad, with foams that expand at the moment of the shot, allows the hunter to experience intense hunting days in maximum comfort.

Hunting shotguns and rifles: the 2021 news

The Affinity 3 and Affinity 3.5 hunting shotguns range includes many variations.

For hunters, choice is an embarrassment of riches.

Ranging from the most classic wooden stock semiauto shotguns, as with the Affinity 3 Wood, to synthetic stock models, like the essential Affinity 3 Black Synt which is also available in left-handed and supermagnum versions.

Nor does the camo line miss out, with the Affinity 3 and 3.5 Max 5 – an evergreen among all-time camouflage that always stays in fashion.

While for shooting enthusiasts, we have also revisited the model dedicated to Sporting and Compak.

Among our range of hunting shotguns, the Affinity 3 Sporting Wood today comes with wooden stock, clear anodized light aluminum alloy receiver and Knurled internal-external chokes (50 + 20 mm) in *, ***, ****.

Always remaining the same is the philosophy underpinning every Franchi project.

Simplicity, ergonomics, essential appearance and “no frills” are the ingredients that make our hunting shotguns what it is: a means to enjoy the perfect hunting experience.

Because when the shotgun belongs to you and the synchronicity is absolute, everything seems better.

The thrill of the hunt is amplified, the details of the day are imprinted in the memory and become the traces of a story written with every new release: a story of respect for nature, friendship and emotion.

Hunting shotguns and rifles: the 2021 news

For ungulates hunting, however, the latest addition to our hunting rifle family is the Horizon Wood.

With a modern and dynamic style, Horizon Wood is the new bolt action rifle dedicated to the growing audience of ungulates hunting, a practice gaining more and more enthusiasts – including among young hunters.

Built with a walnut stock, it is a hunting rifle which, while maintaining an essential appearance, also more than flirts with tradition.

Available in .308 Win, .30-06 Sprg and .300 Win Mag, with Dependa Bolt grooved bolt with three locking fins and removable 3 + 1 magazine in all calibers.

The Relia Trigger, screw-adjustable from 0.8 to 1.9Kg, is easily accessible even with a gloved hand.

As compared to the standard version Horizon Black Synt, it comes already supplied with the integral rail.

The accuracy is instead that typical of all the Horizon range, 1 M.O.A. on three shots fired, and is delivered with the certificate of accuracy in the packaging.

The new releases do not end there: the Horizon family of hunting rifles expands with a new varminter/long range offering, dedicated to field and shooting range use.

The unmistakable profile of the Horizon Varmint pushes towards even more decisive lines. Defining an aggressive style for the Varmint, it is offered in two different versions and outfittings, black synthetic and camouflage.

Horizon Varmint Black Synt features a blued barrel and action, combined with the black techno-polymer of the stock.

Its caliber is not that of a typical varminting rifle. It is available in .308 Win, with 11” twiste rate, a more suitable choice for bullets ranging from 150 to 180 grain, especially 165, 168, 175 and 180, ideal for hunting low drag and different shooting bullet types.

Instead, the Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine camo variation is offered in .22-250 REM (12″ twist), .223 REM (9″ twist), .224 VAL (7″ twist) calibers.

The finish on this hunting rifle is the Optifade Subalpine camouflage, designed for hunting on plains and in premontane vegetation.

In fact, the micro- and macro- patterning which make it up are specifically designed to deceive the perception of game and camouflage the hunter in their stalking from the ground or under cover from trees and vegetation.

In addition, the Cerakote applied to the barrel and action of Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine, typical of all the hunting rifles and shotguns in the Franchi Elite line, further improves the resistance to corrosion and separation of the treated surfaces.

Meanwhile, on an aesthetic level, its Midnight Bronze colorway chromatically matches the camo colors for a distinctive and modern style.

A rich set of innovations, but with a single goal in mind: to turn each new hunting trip into an unforgettable experience.

Because this is what hunting is: a passion that always gives you something surprising – no matter how many times you’ve done it before.

Hunting shotguns and rifles: the 2021 news
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