2021 marks the entry of Franchi into a new segment of bolt action, the varmint precision rifle dedicated to hunting.

In many countries, the varmint precision rifle is reserved for those hunters engaged in hunting pests, an important ecosystem management activity.

The hunting for the so-called “antagonists” was conceived overseas, probably also due to the numerous elusive and difficult species to undermine predators that populate the United States, and from there it spread out.

The meaning of varmint is, in fact, literally “harmful animal” or “pest”, so to indicate all those wild animals which, with their action, may cause significant damage to the environment and human activities.

The types of wild animals considered potentially harmful vary from country to country – in Europe, the most common are coypus, foxes, while overseas coyotes and badgers.

The hunting for pests was born for this purpose: to counteract their excessive impact on the environment.

Generally speaking, a varmint precision rifle is characterized by the use of small calibers, with good power, strong grazing, and great accuracy, even at long distances.

Franchi’s varmint precision rifle also starts here , but with a small variation on the theme it develops two different set-ups and configurations, adding a note of versatility to the classic varmint bolt actions.

Belonging to the category of varminter / long-range, Horizon Varmint combines great ballistic accuracy, even at long range, with the excellent use that can be made on the hunting ground.

The unmistakable lines of the Horizon push towards an even more decisive profile, which defines an aggressive and captivating style for the Varmint, proposed in camo and in the black synthetic version.

Horizon Varmint Elite Subalpine presents the Optifade Subalpine camouflage, designed with micro and macro patterns.

Made to give the best in lowland and premontane vegetation, it deceives the perception of the wild and allows the hunter and his bolt action to disguise themselves in the stalks from the ground or covered by trees and vegetation.

In addition, the Cerakote Midnight Bronze coating on the  barrel and action, typical of the Horizon Elite, if on an aesthetic level it is chromatically combined with the camo, on a functional level it further improves the resistance to corrosion and detachment of the treated surfaces.

Franchi’s varmint camo precision rifle is offered in .22-250 REM (12” twist), .223 REM (9” twist), .224 VAL (7” twist) calibers.

From pure varminters like the .22-250 REM and .224 VAL, for the hunter looking for a supersonic, low drag bullet up to 1,000 yards, to the setup.223 REM, which allows you to make the best use of even slightly longer bullets, from the classic 55 grain to heavier ammunition.

The Horizon Varmint Black Synt version, on the other hand, with a black technopolymer livery with burnished barrel and action, is dedicated not only to field but to shooting at the shooting range. It is in fact offered in .308 WIN caliber, with 11” twist rate.

Not a typical choice for varminting, but more suitable for bullets ranging from 150 to 180 grain, especially the 165, 168, 175 and 180, ideal for low drag hunting and different shooting bullet types.

Horizon Varmint Black Synt

Horizon Varmint Black Synt

Regardless of the models, Franchi’s varmint precision rifle has the same fluted profile of the barrels with a length of 61/24”, thread (with thread cover) M14x1 to install the muzzle brake.

In addition to giving an extra aesthetic touch, the fluted barrels allow you to move back the center of gravity of the bolt action and perfect the weight distribution.

The result is a balanced varmint precision rifle, easy to handle and stable at the same time, with a weight ranging from 4.1 kg (.22-250 REM, .308 WIN) to 4.25 kg (.223 REM, .224 VAL).

Moreover, the presence of the muzzle brake allows to reduce the turbulence in the muzzle and the consequent muzzle climb, already very light.

The hunter will thus be able to follow the trajectory of the shot, through the aiming optics, even at a very long distance.

The Relia Trigger is clean and sharp, adjustable from 0.8 to 1.9 Kg, and this brings benefits on the accuracy, which as for all Horizon is certified at 1 MOA on three shots fired.

Developed following the indications of the Evolved Ergonom-X development platform, Horizon Varmint features ergonomic lines, which adapt to the hunting needs of the hunter, allowing him to experience all the thrills of hunting and shooting to the fullest.

The stock pistol has been designed to favor a natural, ideal grip to reach the trigger.

The recoil absorbing TSA Recoil Pads are interchangeable and allow you to vary the length of the LOP: 347 mm with low recoil pad, 355 mm with standard recoil pad, 365 mm with high recoil pad.

You can also adjust the height of the sight. The stock of Horizon Varmint features a medium shock-absorbing comb as standard, which favors the ideal position of the neck and head, for scopes with an eyepiece diameter of 50 mm, to be mounted with Weaver-type rings on the Picatinny Rail (steel) installed at the factory.

However, it is possible to mount the optional low or high comb, available aftermarket.

Another important feature is the presence of technopolymer monofilament magazines (from 3 rounds in the shorter variant to 8 rounds in the longer one), specially designed to facilitate the insertion of the cartridge in the chamber.

The rifled barrel gun has always been the only true companion of the hunter who, with prudence and passion, is preparing to spend long solitary waits, to rebalance as much as possible what man, with his presence, has stolen from the harmony of the environment.

As already occurs, with due differences, in the ungulates hunting, which allows the selective hunting control of the ungulates, the varmint precision rifle is another ideal companion to preserve the balance with nature, of which every hunter is an integral part.

After all, isn’t just that what hunting means?