“Hunting is a whole range of emotions I cannot give up on. A tiny world in which I have the chance to be my true self.

My very first hunt was chasing chamois. I was 10 years old and since then everything started.

I think hunting is the best way to safeguard the environment. A true hunter is the one who goes out even just once in October, who knows and respects natural habitat.

Needless to say, I feel more connected to mountain animals, those I grew up with: black grouses, ptarmigans, chamois and all treasures those marvelous places may offer.

Always in the company of Franchi shotguns, I go hunting black grouses with over and under Feeling Woodcock Select, because of its lightweight and ergonomics, whereas I use bolt action rifle Horizon in 308 WIN caliber, reliable and accurate, even in longer shots.

I love hunting like this, that much closer to heaven.

I try to convey all the emotions which a hunter feels through photographs and videos. And there it is, my other great passion, videos.

I believe that every hunter has some imagines in his mind, about days, hours and minutes which cannot be forgotten. All those memories are part of the stories told in front of a fireplace by old hunters, who talk with experienced voice.

If I told what I saw and lived right now, I wouldn’t truly convey what I felt. I haven’t found right words yet. That’s why I try to express them through my videos.

When I was a child, I used to look at my dad’s black and white photos: memories may sometimes blur, but photos stay. When I am old, I hope my videos will do the same”.


Andrea Cavaglià