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Affinity Companion German Pointer is the semi-automatic shotgun dedicated to the German bloodhound, the “air-scent pointer”.

Affinity Companion German Pointer

Semi automatic Shotguns

Affinity Companion German Pointer is the 12 and 20 gauge semi-automatic shotgun celebrating a particular hunting dog breed.

This smoothbore shotgun is embellsihed by a gilded trigger, Grade 3 lumber and an engraved nickel-plated gunstock, whose subject is the second protagonist of the multi-year Companion series, celebrating the link between the hunter and his auxiliary.

Like any Franchi semi-automatic shotgun, it is equipped with Front Inertia, the mechanical operating system housing action spring positioned at the fore-end, reducing the shotgun muzzle climb at the time of the shot.

Thanks to the TSA Recoil Pad, which contains a set of polyurethane foams expanding upon shooting, the recoil is reduced by 50%. The German Pointer, most known as German Bloodhound, is a dog breed characterized by marked hunting attitudes. High head and nose in the wind, it boasts a safe and fast area-searching, suitable to detect any types of wild, migratory and non-migratory prey. For this reason it is considered a universal hunting dog. Nobility, indomitability and versatility mean it is the perfect hunt companion.

Technical Features

  • Gauge


  • Chamber


  • Steelshot Barrel (cm)

    71 (12 ga.); 66 (20 ga.)

  • Chokes (mm)

    (70) *,***,Cyl.

  • Bore

    18,3/18,5 (12 ga.); 15,8/16 (20 ga.)

  • Rib

    Flat checkered

  • Drop

    45/50/55/60/65 (± 2 mm)

  • Stock/Forend

    European wood Grade 3, oil finished

  • Recoil Pad

    22 mm standard TSA

  • Receiver

    Aluminum alloy nickeled with engravings

  • Weight (kg)

    2,900 (12 ga.); 2,700 (20 ga.)

  • Trigger

    2,500 (± 10%)

  • Stock


  • Sight

    Red fiber-optic

  • Checkering

    Allround Interlacement

  • Lop (mm)

    365 with medium standard recoil pad; 357 with small recoil pad; 375 with high recoil pad

The technical features and images on the web site are purely approximate, can be improved and / or changed at any time without notice.

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