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Affinity Companion German Pointer is the semi-automatic shotgun dedicated to the German bloodhound, the “air-scent pointer”.

Affinity Companion German Pointer


Affinity Companion German Pointer is the 12 and 20 gauge semi-automatic shotgun celebrating a particular hunting dog breed.

This smoothbore shotgun is embellsihed by a gilded trigger, Grade 3 lumber and an engraved nickel-plated gunstock, whose subject is the second protagonist of the multi-year Companion series, celebrating the link between the hunter and his auxiliary.

Like any Franchi semi-automatic shotgun, it is equipped with Front Inertia technology, the mechanical operating system housing action spring positioned at the forward end, reducing the shotgun muzzle climb at the time of the shot.

Thanks to the TSA recoil pad, which contains a set of polyurethane foams expanding upon shooting, the recoil is reduced by 50%. The German Pointer, most known as German Bloodhound, is a dog breed characterized by marked hunting attitudes. High head and nose in the wind, it boasts a safe and fast area-searching, suitable to detect any types of wild, migratory and non-migratory prey. For this reason it is considered a universal hunting dog. Noble, indomitable and vigorous, it is the perfect companion to go hunting with.

Technical Features

  • Gauge


  • Chamber


  • Steelshot Barrel (cm)

    71 (12 ga.); 66 (20 ga.)

  • Chokes (mm)

    (70) *,***,Cyl.

  • Bore

    18,3/18,5 (12 ga.); 15,8/16 (20 ga.)

  • Rib

    Flat checkered

  • Drop

    45/50/55/60/65 (± 2 mm)

  • Stock/Forend

    European wood Grade 3, oil finished

  • Recoil Pad

    22 mm standard TSA-ADV

  • Receiver

    Aluminum alloy nickeled with engravings

  • Weight (kg)

    2,900 (12 ga.); 2,700 (20 ga.)

  • Trigger

    2,500 (± 10%)

  • Stock


  • Sight

    Red fiber-optic

  • Checkering

    Allround Interlacement

  • Lop (mm)

    365 with medium standard recoil pad; 357 with small recoil pad; 375 with high recoil pad

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