Be Wild is Franchi hunting series. Let yourself be transported on extreme adventures in the company of Giulia Taboga and Andrea Cavaglià, discovering breathtaking landscapes in a nature as beautiful as inhospitable.


#BeWild ep.1 SUB ENG – Agordino pt.1 | Roe deer hunt in the Dolomiti Mountain Group

#BeWild ep.1 SUB ENG – Agordino pt.2 | Deer and chamois hunt in the Dolomiti Mountain Group

#BEWILD S2 E1 – Agordino

Giulia Taboga and Andrea Cavaglià are hunting deer, roe deer, chamois and capercaillie in the Veneto Dolomites. The real opponent of this episode is only one, demanding and difficult as only the rocky peaks can be. This time, there is no lack of interesting meetings. Thanks to two experienced local guides, Giulia and Andrea are ready to test the mountain.

#BEWILD ep.2 SUB ENG – Sicilia Pt.1 | Snipe hunt

#BeWild ep.2 SUB ENG – Sicilia Pt.2 | Mouflon hunt

#BEWILD S2 E2 – Sicily

The hunt for woodcock, wild boar, fishing on the Trapani coast and the search for truffles in the Sicilian hinterland are opportunities to discover the wonders of the island, a land of ancient culture. Giulia Taboga and Andrea Cavaglià will be put to the test by the torrid temperatures of the day and the sudden storms of the evening, which transform the island into a really difficult hunting ground.

#BEWILD ep3 SUB ENG – Bologna pt.1 | Pheasant and woodcock hunt

#BEWILD ep3 SUB ENG – Bologna pt. 2 | Waterfowl hunt and roe deer hunt

#BEWILD S2 E3 – Bologna

Pheasants, roe deer, ducks, the secret of tortellini pasta and the contagious friendliness of the Emilians. Andrea Cavaglià and Giulia Taboga are hunting for woodcocks with their English setters in the characteristic “clearing-scrub” of this area of central Italy. Then it’s time for Giulia to try her hand at hide hunting, while Andrea is hunting roe deer in the Bolognese countryside.

#BEWILD ep.4 SUB ENG – Laguna | Duck hunt in Venice

#BEWILD S2 E4 – Laguna

The cold that lashes on the face and the sunsets on the water: it is the Venetian Lagoon, a meeting place for fans of waterfowl hunting, as well as the home of the WET Tribe. They invite Andrea Cavaglià and Giulia Taboga for two exciting days of hunting.

#BEWILD ep3 SUB ENG – Como pt.1 | Deer hunting

#BEWILD ep5 SUB ENG – Como pt.2 | Deer hunting

#BEWILD ep5 SUB ENG – Como pt.3 | Deer hunting

#BEWILD S2 E5 – Como

If you add a solitary lodge, a group of friends, the mountain the result is certain: an unmissable weekend of deer hunting! In Giulia and Andrea’s backpacks there is only the essential, the rest is an adventure to be lived and Lake Como on the horizon.

#BEWILD ep.6 SUB ENG – Lomellina pt. 1| Pheasant hunting

#BEWILD ep.6 SUB ENG – Lomellina pt. 2 | Ducks hunting

#BEWILD S2 E6 – Lomellina

A few steps from Pavia, the reserve of S. Alessandro has always been the scene of great days of waterfowl hunting, but not this time… Giulia Taboga and Andrea Cavaglià go hunting with their pointing dogs. Zoe, Giulia’s lively English setter, is the undisputed protagonist of the episode. Then the call of the water becomes irresistible and in the evocative scenery of Lomellina Andrea and Giulia go hunting for anatids.