WET is more than a word, is the acronym of Water Element Tribe; wet, humid, soaked, everything connected to waterfowl hunting.

The Water Element Tribe is made by true hunters. Water is not a barrier nor a limit for them, it is the hunting “ground”.

A little crazy, maybe excessive, but definitely funny, the members of the Water Element Tribe decisively express their hunting passion, defying the most extreme weather conditions. Their main features are waterfowl calls, beards, decoys, a perfect preparation of boats and hunting blinds.

They are not just genuine hunters and true specialists of lagoons, but much more than that. Extreme, wet and swamp environment is their element: boat often becomes their bed for long nights and mud is their second skin. Thanks to their outfitting, they completely camouflage until disappearing.

They love fishing and sharing their game bag during waterfowl hunting.

Discreet in all respects, they have made their passion a philosophy of life. They wholly live the lagoon, in every weather conditions and in every season. They are split between North and South Venetian lagoon.

When the hunting season is closed, they go fishing sea basses, sea breams, razor shells and crabs that they cook. They take advantage of the closure of hunting season to repair boats, hunting blinds, decoys and waterfowl calls. They personally raise live decoys and train retrievers.

Water Element Tribe’s members are as an ensemble of four well-knitted musicians:

  • Simone nicknamed KIL from “keel”, indeed boat is his second home… or perhaps from Killer
  • Alan nicknamed BRAS, he’s a musician with waterfowl calls and he would definitely be in the Orchestra’s brass section
  • Mattia nicknamed ICE, for the color of his eyes
  • Dario nicknamed MAD, because of the mud that often covers his face.

And like most orchestras, WET has its instruments too: