The semi-automatic Affinity Companion Labrador is designed to celebrate the bond between gun dog and hunter; Affinity Companion is a range of products which will have, as actors, different dog breeds related to hunting world and engraved on the casing.

The first star of Companion series is Labrador Retriever, from which our semiauto shotgun takes its name. It is an agile dog, which doesn’t fear the dirt, suitable to the hardest carryovers from water or any other soil type.

At first, Labrador Retrievers were used by fishermen for different tasks: helping with fishing nets, retrieving missed fish.

Fishing vessel routes went from Canadian coasts to British coasts, therefore it was imported into England by vessels coming from Labrador Peninsula.

The reputation of being excellent retrievers caught the attention of British noblemen, passionate hunters who thought of them as gun dogs and started to train them in the second half of the 19th century.

Nowadays, Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Its passion for water and swimming makes it the icon of waterfowl hunting and it is often portrayed beside hunters.

They have an almost vital relationship with wet environment: a true and overwhelming love for swimming and water is the outstanding feature of these dogs, who are always ready to dive in any situation, enough to be called water dogs.

The inertial semiauto shotgun Affinity Companion Labrador has features and performances which make it the perfect partner for the hunter.

Enhanced with an engraving on the nickel-plated casing, a gilded trigger and Grade 3 woods, Affinity Companion Labrador is available in 12 and 20 gauges, provided of Front Inertia technology, a real guarantee in terms of operation and less muzzle climb, and Tsa_Adv recoil pad which reduces recoil and friction on clothing when the semiautomatic shotgun is shouldered quickly.

Don’t you want to know who’s going to be the next leading character of semiauto shotguns Companion series?

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