Lighter, more attractive, more Franchi. Affinity Pro is the new semi automatic shotgun.

The centrality of the hunter and the fulfillment of hunting love are Franchi aim since the beginning and semiauto Affinity Pro purpose today.

Affinity Pro completes and enhances the range of semi automatic shotguns, meeting the needs of those hunters who love walk up hunting.

Affinity Pro lightness, of only 2,690 Kg, allows the hunter to enjoy all the most beautiful sensations and emotions that a hunting day can offer.

Affinity Pro is the new smooth barrel shotgun that allows you to travel long distance, searching for the most difficult game, causing no hindrance and as free as possible.

Affinity Pro shotgun has been studied and designed without rib for a more instinctive shot.

The green fiber optic sight contrasts the burnished barrel, offering a superior visibility in any light condition and a quicker aiming.

Semi-automatic shotgun Affinity Pro is made by super-light woods, subjected to Optowood treatment, a special technique of processing and drying which, through “laser technology”, brings out the wood grains.

In addition to Optowood treatment, the oil finish strengthens its resistance over time and against atmospheric agents.

The Affinity Pro mechanical operation is the same as any Franchi semiauto shotgun: Front Inertia. As any Franchi product, Affinity Pro has a 7-year warranty on all mechanical parts.

With Front Inertia operating system, common to all Franchi semiauto, the return spring is positioned “in front”, in the fore-end. Front Inertia system allows a better balance and less muzzle climb, reducing recoil effect.

Find out all Affinity Pro features.