Venison club sandwich

/Venison club sandwich
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Venison club sandwich

  • CourseStreet Food
  • Preparation35'
  • Difficultyeasy
  • Calories600 - 700
  • ActivityRun F 81’ M 59’
  • Persons4


N 8 slices of bread

800gr pounded venison meat

100gr  butter (for cooking)

Orange zest to taste

Wild fennel to taste

250gr  chicory

N 4 slices of Pecorino cheese

Extra virgin olive oil to taste

Salt and black pepper to taste


  • Season the pounded venison meat with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, orange zest and chopped wild fennel.
  • Lay the meat over four slices of bread, add a slice of Pecorino and some chicory (previously washed and dried), then lay another slice of bread on the top.
  • Preheat a non-stick frying pan, let the sandwiches cook in the butter until both sides are toasted. Cut them and serve hot.

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