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Hunting geese? In Scotland, Canada, Romania... the destination is not important! Intensity Max 5 is the shotgun that will enable you to enjoy a perfect day.

Intensity Max5


The Intensity Max 5 is designed to shoot 12-type cartridges with 67 to 89 mm casings, the only requirement being that the cartridges develop a level of energy at the muzzle not lower than 230 kgm. The Intensity Max 5 is a Franchi at first glance: slender and elegant lines with the receiver “marked” by two lines moving from the stock to run along the side of the receiver and bending upwards to disappear at the beginning of the action bar. Considering the most likely environment of use and wanting to have as light a shotgun as possible, for now Franchi have opted to equip the Intensity only with a techno-polymer stock similar to the Affinity, retaining the stock grip and the chequering (Allround Interlacement) designed to improve grip and still be very comfortable.

Technical Features

  • Gauge


  • Chamber


  • Steelshot Barrel (cm)


  • Chokes (mm)

    (50) */***/****

  • Bore


  • Rib

    Step checkered

  • Drop

    45/50/55/60/65 (± 2 mm)

  • Stock/Forend

    Camo Max 5 Techno polymer

  • Recoil Pad

    22 mm standard TSA-ADV

  • Receiver

    Camo Max 5 Aluminum alloy

  • Weight (kg)


  • Trigger

    2,500 (± 10%)

  • Stock

    Pistol grip

  • Sight

    Red fiber-optic

  • Checkering

    Allround Interlacement

  • Lop (mm)

    365 with medium standard recoil pad; 357 with small recoil pad; 375 with high recoil pad.

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