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The hunting season for geese is finally open? The Intensity Black Synt is the shotgun that offers the perfect day without limitations.

Intensity Black Synt


Power should be an asset, never a liability: the Intensity Camo Max5 feels and handles like a smaller-gauge shotgun while offering the full capabilities of today’s 31⁄2" shells. The Intensity is designed to shoot 12-type cartridges with 67 to 89 mm casings, the only requirement being that the cartridges develop a level of energy at the muzzle not lower than 230 kgm. The Intensity must also be able to shoot smoothly even in case of steady and heavy use, even with those American “bombs” that exceed by far the maximum values allowed by CIP for 12/89, 12/76, 12/70 cartridges in terms of motion, pressure and velocity. Together, the Inertia Driven system and TSA pad—which absorbs up to 50% of the recoil—translate into a pleasant shooting experience no matter the conditions. Handling is also optimized thanks to the slim forend profile made possible by the recoil spring being efficiently housed around the magazine tube. The stock is also trim and includes an internal balance weight that can be removed to customize weight-distribution.  

Technical Features

  • Gauge


  • Chamber


  • Steelshot Barrel (cm)


  • Chokes (mm)

    (50) */***/****

  • Bore


  • Rib

    Step checkered

  • Drop


  • Stock/Forend

    black Techno polymer

  • Recoil Pad

    22 mm standard TSA-ADV

  • Receiver

    Black anodized Aluminum alloy

  • Weight (kg)


  • Trigger (kg)

    2,500 (+/- 10%)

  • Stock

    Pistol grip

  • Sight

    Red fiber-optic

  • Checkering

    Allround Interlacement

  • Lop (mm)

    365 with medium standard recoil pad; 357 with small recoil pad; 375 with high recoil pad.

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