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Horizon Elite Gray is the bolt action rifle for those looking for a precise, ergonomic and reliable firearm, yet without giving up taking delight with shades and colors.

Horizon Elite Gray detachable magazine

Bolt Action

Horizon Elite Gray is the lever action shotgun for the hunter cherishing a modern and unconventional style, also available with removable magazine loader and fluted bolt.

Derived from its twin, in this version it features a removable 3 or 4 shots magazine loader and a fluted bolt, so as to meet the hunting style and habits of everyone. Suitable for any hunting situation, it keeps the essential and defined design of Horizon range with particular attention to aesthetics. The particular butt-end color, in the Beige Gray shade, lends it a captivating and distinctive character. The fluted bolt with three locking fins boasts a 60 ° opening allowing to feed the action for a quick reloading even in presence of large scopes.

Available for .223 REM, .243 WIN, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPFD, 6,5 CREEDMOOR and .300 WIN MAG calibers, it is a bolt action rifle precise and ideal for hunting the different types of hoofed game.

Like any Franchi bolt action rifle, Horizon Elite Gray with removable magazine loader is supplied with the warranty vouching for 1 M.O.A. for any three shots-pattern fired precision. It was created in compliance with the Franchi XS (Exclusive Style) development platform, which analyzing the hunting habits of a sample of more than a thousand hunters, results in an ergonomic bolt action suitable to be gripped in the 5 main shooting positions. Thanks to the TSA-ADV recoil pad, the LOP is customizable in three different lengths: 355 mm with standard medium recoil pad, 347 mm with low recoil pad, 365 mm with high recoil pad.

Technical Features

  • Caliber

    223 REM / 243 WIN / 270 WIN / 308 WIN / 30-06 SPFD / 6,5 CREEDMOOR / 300 WIN MAG

  • Lop (mm)

    355 (347, 365)

  • Lenght (mm)

    1075 (223 REM, 243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 6,5 CREEDMOOR); 1125 (300 WIN MAG)

  • Weight (kg)

    2,950 (308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD); 2,990 (243 WIN, 270 WIN, 6,5 CREEDMOOR, 300 WIN MAG); 3,200 (223 REM)

  • Rounds

    3+1 (243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 6,5 CREEDMOOR, 300 WIN MAG); 4+1 (223 REM)

  • Twist rate

    9 (223 REM); 10 (243 WIN, 270 WIN); 11 (308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 300 WIN MAG); 8 (6,5 CREEDMOOR)

  • Barrel (cm)

    56 (223 REM, 243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPDF, 6,5 CREEDMOOR); 61 (300 WIN MAG)

  • Bolt


  • Stock

    Beige Gray techno polymer