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Mother of all Franchi bolt actions, Horizon Black Synt is the “total black” rifle for selective hunting. Franchi’s range has never been so wide.

Horizon Black Synt detachable magazine

Bolt Action

Boasting essential but unmistakable lines, Horizon Black Synt is the first of the Franchi bolt action rifle family and now it is featured with detachable 3 or 4 shots magazine loader and fluted bolt.

At the origin of the new Franchi range, Horizon Black Synt is the standard version of all the bolt actions of the Horizon family. Horizon Black Synt is now also available in the version with removable 3 or 4 shots magazine loader. The strong lines of its twin Black Synt are enriched thanks to the distinctive design of the fluted bolt with three tightening fins, ensuring a 60° opening and allowing to feed the action thanks to a lightened conical handle for a quick reloading even in presence of large scopes. The fluted bolt has a particular shape which, besides making it aesthetically appealing, allows a fluid reloading even in case of ice.

Lightweight and easy to handle, it is particularly suitable for hoofed game selective hunting, both stalking and while hiding on roof terrace, thanks to the ease of shouldering ensured by the butt-end with exclusive Franchi design.

The gun carriage has already been equipped with the shaping on shoulder stock and forearm for sling handles, as standard equipment, and for bipod mounting. Available for .223 REM, .243 WIN, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPFD, 6,5 CREEDMOOR and .300 WIN MAG calibers, it features a lighweight and responsive trigger group, between 0.9 and 1.8 kg and calibrated using the adjustment screws. The barrel, realised in chrome molybdenum steel through cold hammering process, keeps maximum precision shot after shot. Horizon Black Synt with removable magazine loader is also provided with the 1 M.O.A. for any three shots-pattern fired warranty.

Technical Features

  • Caliber

    223 REM / 243 WIN / 270 WIN / 308 WIN / 30-06 SPFD / 6,5 CREEDMOOR / 300 WIN MAG

  • Lop (mm)

    355 (347, 365)

  • Lenght (mm)

    1075 (223 REM, 243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 6,5 CREEDMOOR); 1125 (300 WIN MAG)

  • Weight (kg)

    2,950 (308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD); 2,990 (243 WIN, 270 WIN, 6,5 CREEDMOOR, 300 WIN MAG); 3,200 (223 REM)

  • Rounds

    3+1 (243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 6,5 CREEDMOOR, 300 WIN MAG); 4+1 (223 REM)

  • Twist rate

    9 (223 REM); 10 (243 WIN, 270 WIN); 11 (308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 300 WIN MAG); 8 (6,5 CREEDMOOR)

  • Barrel (cm)

    56 (223 REM, 243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPDF, 6,5 CREEDMOOR); 61 (300 WIN MAG)

  • Bolt


  • Stock

    Black techno polymer