Over and under Feeling Woodcock and Woodcock Select in 12 and 20 gauges, even with 66 cm barrel.

Unpredictable and hard to find, woodcock hides into woods and wet areas, appearing and disappearing very rapidly. Because of that, the skills of the gun dog and the hunter are not enough for this hunt: you need the right shotgun, designed with special features, which make it perfect for challenging all the pitfalls of this prey.

Feeling Woodcock and Woodcock Select are essentiality, effectiveness and durability all in one over and under shotgun.

Sheer pleasure, perfect performances and no effort at all.

There are “gun rack shotguns” drop-dead gorgeous to be touched. Some people buy them, but they hardly use them. They admire them, at best, and show them to their friends, in person or on social media.

Then there are those shotguns far away from Made in Italy standards.

In between, where someone says there is pure pleasure, you find the perfection of a lightweight shotgun, designed to be used for real.

Feeling Woodcock and Woodcock Select are smooth barrel over and under shotguns, with simple and clean-cut lines, lightweight even during long walks in extreme and harsh environment (2,6 kg for 12 gauge).

Endurance and reliability are outstanding… The shotgun will never be a problem.

Over and under shotguns Feeling Woodcock and Woodcock Select, available even with 66 cm barrels for 12 and 20 gauges, guarantee an incredible ease of shouldering that makes them the perfect shotguns for hunting the “Queen of the forest”, when you’ll need quick shots for catching this elusive target.

The Feeling dedicated to the Queen of the forest keeps the promises… and goes beyond!

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