When you feel the pleasure of being surrounded by nature, guided only by your senses, by the awareness of your own ability and the knowledge of the environment, bolt action rifle Horizon White allows you to experience all the emotions and adrenalin of this hunt.

Horizon White is the hunting rifle for those who love a simple but unique style. The chrome plating makes this model more resistant, by combining strength and intriguing look.

Horizon White guarantees perfect performances in different weather conditions. Indeed, one of the peculiar features of this rifle, along with light-colored barrel, is the fluted bolt, which has a distinctive shape that makes it more aesthetically appealing and reduces the risk of blocking due to ice.

The simple repetition bolt action rifle Horizon White brings with it all technical features of Franchi bolt action: Tsa_Adv recoil pad, exclusively designed stock for a perfect and stable positioning, streamlined conical bolt handle, free-floating rifled barrel that has been precision cold hammer forged, aluminum bedding for more sniper, screw adjustable trigger from 0,900gr to 1,800gr for a reliable and handy hunting rifle.

Ergonomic research and attention to detail are at the core of Horizon, to make you live a full hunting experience with a tool that meets your needs.

As every Franchi products, it is 100% made in Italy and it has a 7-year warranty on the mechanical parts.

Horizon White is available in calibers: .223 REM (with removable magazine), .243 WIN, .270 WIN, .30-06 SPFD, 6.5 Creedmor and .300 WIN magnum.

When after long hours of waiting heartbeats speed up, concentration is absolute and the moment to take action arrives, Horizon White is your perfect companion.