“My approach to hunting world was very unusual!

The only family hunter was my great-grandfather, which I didn’t have the pleasure to know. Happily, I inherited his old side by side shotgun and some photographs, which I jealously cherish.

I was always passionate about nature and animals. Since I was a child, I loved taking long walks into the woods close to home, with my doggies and my friend Marco.

During these walks, we often used to meet hunters. I remember they were very friendly and I was always charmed by them, until one day, at the age of 12, I asked one of them if I could follow the group during the hunting day.

After my mother’s approval, they allowed me to walk with them during hunting from hide, which is much safer than upland hunting.

As soon as I saw thrushes from the small window, I started to get excited and indicate birds’ direction. I would give anything to hold a shotgun in my hand… Since then, I understood I would become a huntress.

When I took my license to start to hunt I was 20 and I was never accompanied by my relatives, but by people I barely knew.

I started to hunt with traditional wild boar hunting, in drives. Even before I took my license, I bought a Deutscher Jagdterrier named Ugo, which I personally trained.

I used to practice this particular kind of hunting for the first two years, but then I became passionate about waterfowl and woodcock hunt, thus I decided to buy Emma, an Epagneul Breton.

My favorite shotgun of all is Feeling Woodcock Select, Franchi over and under dedicated to the queen of the forest. It is lightweight and easy to handle, perfect for woods hunting.

An English Setter named Zoe is the one that walks with me during my adventures nowadays. Nevertheless, thanks to my great passion and work I had the chance to prove different kind of hunt.

My project comes from this great passion: GT Outdoors Italy, an original clothing line exclusively dedicated to huntress, in order to combine outdoor life and womanhood”.

Giulia Taboga