The bolt action rifle Horizon has a new look and in the camo version Elite Strata presents new outfit and finishes, ideal to camouflage during hunting ungulates.

Suitable for both hunting from hide and hunting wild boar in drives, Horizon Elite Strata is the perfect manual repeating rifle for becoming the invisible hunter.

Thanks to the camouflage of the techno polymer stock, Horizon Elite Strata is even more functional and out of the ordinary, particularly suitable to concealing when you stealthily move with stalks and soil under boots, stepping on dark patches of grass for being silent, and you scrutinize vegetation looking for the slightest movement.

If human’s field of view is 120°, the ungulate’s one is 280°. Nevertheless, these animals don’t have a complete color perception, viewing the world in yellow, blue and grey shades. This peculiar way of seeing makes them particularly quick in observing large part of horizon, but their sight is more blurred than human’s.

True Timber Strata shade of the new bolt action Horizon optimizes the contrast between shadows and colors of the stock, for challenging ungulates’ perception and camouflaging even in lateral movements between conifers’ trunks.

While macro design patterns break up the firearm profile, micro design patterns make it completely concealed with vegetation. E thus… the bolt action profile will simply merge with the background!

Horizon Elite Strata is the perfect bolt action rifle for selective hunt, when after long hours of waiting, curiosity overcomes caution, the wild animal comes out of the woods and you feel a combination of admiration and wonder in observing the spectacle of nature.

Rain and harsh condition will no longer be an issue! Indeed, barrel and action of Horizon Elite Strata have a Cerakote coating, in the attractive color Midnight Bronze. It is an ultra-thin ceramic-based paint, which reduces the risk of corrosion, raising the resistance of the metal parts of the firearm, offering excellent levels of adhesion and making it the perfect bolt action for those who love hunting in extreme environment and harsh weather conditions.

Available in the calibers .223 REM, .243 WIN, .270 WIN, .30-06 SPFD, .308 WIN, 6,5 CREEDMOOR and .300 WIN MAG, it has removable magazine with 3 or 4 rounds.

The fluted bolt gives to this hunting rifle a dynamic and distinctive line and guarantees a smooth activation of the action, even with snow or ice. Furthermore, the 3 lug bolt allows the access to action through the streamlined conical bolt handle for quick and easy repetition of the shot, without touching the scope.

As every Franchi bolt action, Horizon Elite Strata is been accuracy-tested and it is delivered with the certificate of 1 MOA accuracy with a 3 shot group.

What’s the result? Modern, resistant and accurate, Horizon Elite Strata is the perfect rifle for those who love to venture into the woods or lurk in blinds hunting hoofed game. Being invisible will become art.