Affinity 3 Elite, in its attractive Bronze Cerakote, is the semiautomatic shotgun which makes the impossible possible: to become completely invisible.

For a long time, traditional approach to mimicry during the hunt was appearing familiar figures to animals. Sticks, leaves and camouflage were a daily occurrence.

These techniques were especially common for hunting waterfowl, shrewd birds with an incredible, almost panoramic, field of vision.

Waterfowl hunting is done in a high contrast environment, where even the smallest movement could betray the hunter. Therefore, this peculiar hunt is based on concealment. When the light from horizon is reflected on water surface and finds its way through reeds, it could detect human presence to approaching wildlife.

This is the moment when Affinity 3 Elite camouflage takes action.

The stock and fore-end in Marsh shaded Optifade techno polymer are designed to make the shotgun simply disappear in woodland-swamp environment. Thanks to micro and macro patterns and the combination of elements that are light in color and elements that are darker in color, this camo takes into account birds’ low contrast sensitivity, an inability to see edges of figures very clearly.

If you’re hunting close to lakes or ponds, or across cold marshlands, the impossible becomes real with semiauto Affinity 3 Elite: even if the pray detected you, you would be “nothing” to its eyes, another element of the environment.

Affinity 3 has magnum barrels and it’s available in 12 and 20 gauges.

Your aiming will be perfect thanks to dual colour fibre optic sight, even in twilight and nightfall hours.

As for all Franchi semiautomatic shotguns, is provided of Front Inertia technology and Tsa_Adv low recoil pad that reduces muzzle climb.

The Cerakote finish improves resistance and duration of the metal parts of the gun, making Affinity 3 Elite perfect for a hunt in extreme temperatures and environments.

And with trigger lever, cartridge release button and loading port 3 times bigger, this shotgun is easy to handle even with gloved hands.

As for all Franchi guns, it has a 7-year warranty on the mechanical parts of this semiautomatic shotgun.

Ideal for those who love waterfowl hunt, Affinity 3 Elite Bronze takes camouflage to the next level. The concealment becomes total.