A fresh, renewed, modern image.
A simple and contemporary logo, which can identify the young spirit of the brand.
A payoff, Feels Right , which strongly emphasizes how the hunter is always at the center of every Franchi project.
Anything else is done by the unique sensations experienced out in the field, the emotions that hunting offers, the feeling of being part of a natural environment to be experienced with ever greater passion.

Franchi Feels Right


Ensure the perfect hunting experience, be by the hunters’ side, with ergonomic, reliable and “no frills” firearms. Making sure that the firearm and the hunter become a single entity, in tune with the environment that surrounds them and in compliance with hunting ethics.

Changing the way of hunting, giving this activity greater appeal, involving young people and spreading the message that hunting is a regular outdoor activity.


It’s a simple truth. When the gun belongs to you and you feel it is yours, everything is right. The day goes carefree, the harmony grows and you notice all those little things that make hunting a special experience. Your dog’s tail when stationary, the retriever, the melodious sound of approaching ducks, the company of your best friends: you are not just a spectator, you are part of this world. This means Feels Right.
What makes you feel good cannot be explained, it can only be experienced. Now grab your Franchi and off you go out in the field.


Founded in 1868, Franchi represents more than 150 years of passion, research, development and energies, ever with the same desire that every hunter has at the beginning of each new day in nature.


Franchi today is part of the prestigious Beretta Group and represents a solid company in constant development.