Lightness, stability, precision. The 12 gauge semi auto shotgun Affinity Pro, the ideal for walk up hunt, is all of this.

Walk up hunt, with your semi auto shotgun, is resistance. Long walks in the company of our dogs, on trails and inaccessible slopes, entering the most intricate forests, persevering even if sometimes nature knows how to be capricious, in search of the most difficult wild animal, like in woodcock hunting.

But walk up hunt is also and above all freedom. When you find places that you know like the back of your hand, yet every time they reveal new surprises, when hidden behind every corner are incredible discoveries and adventures.

To fully enjoy the joy and sensations that a day of hunting can offer, you need the right tool. The semi automatic Affinity Pro is designed specifically for this purpose: to allow the hunter to experience the hunt at 360 degrees, without the smallest concern.

The lightness of this 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun of only 2.69kg allows you to cover long distances and almost forget that you have it on your shoulder.

The short 61cm barrel also allows you to easily penetrate the thickets of the woods and in the most difficult environments, maintaining great naturalness in your movements.

semi auto shotgun


Thanks to perfect weight distribution, the semi automatic Affinity Pro is characterized by exceptional ease of swing and instinctive and precise aim, ideal for walk up hunt.

The refined woods undergo the Optowood treatment, a particular manufacturing and drying process that, through “laser technology,” is capable of bringing out the wood grains and making the rifle even more captivating.

The oil finish, that is added to the Optowood treatment, further enhances its attractiveness, for those who desire a semi automatic shotgun with refined and exclusive taste.

Thanks to the green fiber optic sight, that contrasts with the color of the opaque, polished barrel, it’s possible to quickly capture the target, even in conditions of limited visibility—at twilight, or when, given the thick of vegetation, the queen of the forest is seen with her slighting flight and a sudden shot is needed, without margins of error.

Also, a peculiar characteristic of this gun is that it has been designed without ribs, just to ensure a more instinctive shot at short-range.

Like all Franchi semi automatic shotguns, the mechanical operation is Front-Inertia. Equipped with a 14mm low recoil pad, it has a 7-year-warranty on the mechanical parts.

Conceived to allow instinctive and dynamic movements, combined with incredible stability and balance, this super light semi auto shotgun distinguishes itself by offering maximum comfort and performance.

When, after long explorations, the mirage becomes real, the dog sniffs the air, and the flutter of the wild animal’s wings rises in the wind, there’s no time to think.

There’s only you, your 12 gauge semi auto shotgun, and your instinct. Pure emotion.