Affinity 3 MAX 7


Affinity 3 MAX 7

Affinity 3 MAX 7

Είναι το τυφέκιο total camo που εξασφαλίζει απόλυτο καμουφλάζ στα τυπικά περιβάλλοντα υδρόβιου κυνηγιού.

7 Year Warranty Evolved Ergonom-x TSA Recoil Pad Omni Stock Adjustable Fit Front Inertia
βαροσ (κιλ.) (± 100g)
3.100 (cal. 12); 2.830 (cal. 20)
Πελμα Ανακρουσησ
22 mm Πρότυπο TSA
Tεχνοπολυμερές camo Max 7
Στυλ Λεπιου
Allround Interlacement
Drop at heel (± 2 mm)
Τραβηγμα Σκανδαλησ (mm) (± 2mm)
Σκανδαλη (Κιλ.) (± 10%)
Κράμα αλουμινίου camo Max 7
Αριθμοσ Φυσιγγιων (with limiter 2+1)
μήκος κάννης (cm/")
Steel Shot 66/26; 71/28; 76/30 (cal. 12) 66/26; 71/28 (cal. 20)
Αυλοσ (mm)
18,3/18,5 (cal. 12) 15,8/16 (cal. 20)
Eπίπεδη ρίκνωση
Τσοκ (χιλ.
(70) */***/*****
Τα τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά και οι εικόνες που παρουσιάζονται στον ιστότοπο είναι καθαρά ενδεικτικά, μπορούν να βελτιωθούν και / ή να τροποποιηθούν οποτεδήποτε και χωρίς προειδοποίηση.
Affinity 3 MAX 7 Gallery

Affinity 3 Max 7 is the ideal camo semi-automatic shotgun for waterfowl hunting. The Max 7 camouflage ensures perfect camouflage in swamps and reeds.

Facing the extreme environments of waterfowl hunting has never been easier. With Affinity 3 Max 7, you’ll literally vanish into the marshy-lagoon vegetation, lying in wait for the game.

This semi-automatic stands out among camouflage hunting shotguns for its extraordinary hyper-realistic camouflage, making it one with the surrounding environment. Every detail of the camo coating has been designed to let you face even the toughest challenges without worries.

Affinity 3 Max 7 is a robust semiauto, invisible to the eye of the animal, with extraordinary and immediate handling, resistant to weather and adverse climatic conditions.

Like every Franchi semi-automatic, it has been developed based on the Evolved Ergonom-X platform and is a manageable shotgun, equipped with a firm and natural grip. Affinity 3 Max 7 is a smoothbore semi-automatic available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge with a red fiber optic sight.

It features a low rib (upon request, it is also possible to have a ribbed sight in some barrel lengths) and is available with a barrel length of 26”/66 cm, 28”/71 cm, 30”/76 cm in 12 gauge, and 26”/66 cm and 28”/71 cm in 20 gauge.

The Front Inertia mechanical operation, used on all Franchi semiautos, ensures great reliability, promotes perfect balance, and facilitates recoil and muzzle climb reduction. Affinity 3 Max 7 comes with a 7-year warranty on mechanical parts.

Affinity 3 MAX 7
Η ημιαυτόματη με καμουφλάζ για το κυνήγι υδρόβιων πτηνών.
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