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Bolt Action

Instinct, cleverness, patience and strategy are necessary for hunting ungulates. The Horizon bolt action rifle, together with the hunter, is the star of the perfect day, in any place and in any condition.

Technical Features

CaliberLop (mm.)Length (mm.)Weight (Kg.)RoundsBarrel Diameter (mm.)Twist Rate
Barrel Length (cm)
243 WIN355 (347,365)1.0752,994151056 cm,
270 WIN355 (347,365)1.0752,994151056 cm,
30-06 SPFD355 (347,365)1.0752,994151156 cm,
308 WIN355 (347,365)1.0752,994151156 cm,
300 WIN MAGNUM355 (347,365)1.1253,103151161 cm.

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